Electronic Arts responds to regulatory bodies that classify Loot Boxes as betting

Electronic Arts does not believe that FIFA Ultimate Team or Loot Boxes in general are azar games

It was only recently that the Belgian Gaming Commission (The Belgian Gambling Commission) announced Prohibition of Random Loot Boxeswhich acts as an azar game and could take one fines and imprisonment gives clear examples of FIFA, Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Today, during the financial teleconference of Electronic art for the fourth quarter of the 2018 financial year, CEO Andrew Wilson answered a question about some regulatory organizations in Europe classifying loot boxes in some games, including FIFA 18, as azar games.

Wilson noted that the editor works with all industry associations globally and with regulators in different jurisdictions and territories. It has been some time to work with many of them, and he has “evaluated and established that programs like FIFA Ultimate Team are not in conflict«. He confirmed that too EA does not believe that FIFA Ultimate Team or loot boxes in general are azar games.

The reason behind this is that players always receive a certain number of items in each package, and secondly, EA does not provide or authorize any way to collect these items for real money. They have no economic value. Also actively seeks to eliminate all forms of trafficking in illegal environmentsworking with regulators to achieve that.

As a result, the editors also wanted to clarify that «Keep moving forward and always think of the playersAnd how to offer features “in a transparent, fun, fair and balanced way”. They will continue to work in this sense with the regulatory organisms around the world.

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