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After what seems like an eternity of anticipation, FromSoftware’s latest contribution to the Soulsborne series has arrived with the Elden Ring. Instead of opting for an open world tour for his brutal series of role-playing games and with the story co-written by George RR Martin, Elden Ring has become one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and after having inevitable adventures past Lands Between as Tarnished, we are pleased to say that the exaggeration has certainly been justified. Incidentally, it’s a difficult game, and this is where our Elden Ring wiki comes into the picture.

Here, our goal is to help as many newcomers as the veterans who have experienced Soulsborne games. We will show you everything, from the basic concepts of combat and the exploration of Lands Between, to detailed guides to help you face the long battles against bosses that await you in your quest to convert to the Elden Lord. So let’s dive into it without further ado.

Wiki Elden Ring

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  • Lunch deal: feb. 25, 2022
  • Developer: DesdeSoftware
  • Editor: Bandai Namco
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5

Generel information

  • Previous, unlock times and installation sizes
  • Revise
  • Is that Elden Ring’s crossword puzzle?
  • Canjear DLC reservation
  • Failed network state error
  • Ultra wide error: Can I play back in a 21: 9 aspect ratio?
  • Quite invisible enemies’ mistakes
  • Can you change the difficulty level?
  • Is Elden Ring an Xbox Game Pass? Disputed

Foundations – Elden Ring Wiki

  • Tips and tricks for beginners
  • Holds your game
  • Run and run faster
  • Take scenes and dialogues
  • Restoration and upgrade of Max FP
  • Invading Your Mountain (Torrent)
  • Fast travel
  • Craft articles
  • Curation and increase of maximum health
  • Leave messages
  • Two-handed weapon
  • How to block
  • Play multiplayer online with friends
  • How to climb through the spade
  • How to stop
  • how to jump
  • Using Quickslot Tasks
  • Block enemies
  • Use of spiritual censorship and the spirit of invocation
  • Dodge Roll explained
  • Get up and get out
  • Time to wait and pass
  • Can you pause the game?
  • Invades other players
  • Movements: how to use, unlock and change movements

Elden Call personal guide

  • All statistics explained
  • Class Guide: which initial source to choose and the best class for each collection
  • Memory Guide: the best memory to choose to boot
  • Change the character’s appearance
  • How to get one level up
  • Increase memory channels
  • The best armor for astrologer constructions

Weapons, equipment and articles – Elden Ring Wiki

  • Get an afilar stone knife
  • Get an ironing board
  • Equip hechicers of hechicería and magic
  • Where to find the gentleman’s peace
  • Explanation of weapon updates: how to equip weapon art, affinity and more
  • Get Ashes of War and do it
  • What Stonesword Keys Earn and How to Get Them
  • Increase the amount of holy grains
  • Get dragon hearts and what they are used for
  • Where to get the amazing Physick frasco
  • Get an antorcha and a lantern
  • What makes the weight resistant and how to get them
  • Using Storm Stomp
  • Location of map fragments of Limgrave
  • Twinblade weapon rental
  • Where to buy limited herrera stones 1 and 2
  • How to make shady heirlooms and what they are used for
  • Get an early bow
  • Arcs of agricultural runes
  • Get Daga Reduvia
  • Perform the invocation of spiritual medusa censorship

Instructions by Elden Ring Boss

  • Dater Margit, Caído Prison
  • Beat the Tree Sentinel Boss Fight
  • Dating Rennala, Queen of the Llena Moon
  • Dating the red wolf from Radagon

Mission and various guides – Elden Ring Wiki

  • How to get to the waiting round table
  • What to do with Godrick’s Grand Runa
  • Would you let Fia hug you?
  • Get reminded of crisálidas for Roderica
  • Get the academy’s Glintstone key
  • Where to find hechicera Sellen
  • Find parks
  • Kill skeletons
  • Are there illusory walls? Disputed
  • Activation of the Grand Runa of the Unborn
  • Blaidd NPC mission line guide
  • Ranni NPC mission line guide (acquisition of the moon’s great lightsaber)
  • Talking tree: where to find it, how to help Boc and unblock the change of clothes
  • How to get to the island west of Limgrave and Iglesia de la Comunión del Dragón
  • Would you give the pot Seluvis to Nepheli? Disputed
  • Into the academic world Raya Lucaria

Guides on spoilers and secrets

  • Description of the new game Plus
  • Are there illusory walls?

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