Elden Ring Update 1.03 Adds NPCs and Missions and Changes the Balance of Some Items

Elden Ring has released its 1.03 park, although the number does not seem like a major update, the certainty is that it is the most substantial update to date. you could read them latest park ratings on official Bandai Namco websitebut we summarize the most notable changes.

For starters, there’s new NPC-related content. New missions have been added to the tracks of Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Keneth Haight and Gostoc; additionally, a brand new NPC, Jar-Bairn, which you might find in Tarroburgo, and which has its own line of missions, has been introduced. We added the ability to invite NPCs in certain concrete circumstances and, more important than all that for some players, we added a function that allows us to mark the location of an NPC on the map when we find it, much easier to follow. the stories.

On the other hand, it solved some of the most notable bugs in the game: for example, the fact that weapons do not adapt to the Arcano attribute. Additionally, some errors have been fixed that caused some items to not work properly.

Finally, it had many balance changes. If Piedras de forja spawn rate is increased as a button to defeat certain enemies, if shield effectiveness is increased, if damage from certain arched objects is increased, and, perhaps the most tragic part, if some of them are nervous ” tricks “most used by players to pass the most difficult segments of the game: the Milky Way and the Pisotón. On the other hand, many hechizos have reduced their manna cost, and others have increased their duration or damage.

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