Elden Ring – Radahn, Azote de las Estrellas: tips and strategies

Radahn, the nitrogen of the stars it’s a brutal battle in Elden Ring, perhaps one of the toughest encounters in the entire game.

The fight against Radahn, Azote de las Estrellas takes place at the Castillo de la Melena Roja east of Caelid, during a festival dedicated to his figure. You will have to join forces with the rest of the festival assistants to eliminate Radahn, Nitrogen of the Stars.

Summoning is an integral part of the fight against Radahn, Azote de las Estrellas, and you will need to call on all the allies you can for the fight, but you can also attack another player.

Tips for Radahn, Nitrogen from the Stars: How to get to Radahn, Nitrogen from the Stars

Be ready because this fight is tough. As for the fight against Radahn, Azotus of the Stars needs to go directly to the gold markers on the ground right in front of you.

These are invitation points for AI companions, some of which you will find at Melena Roja’s castle festival dedicated to Radahn, Azote de las Estrellas.

Invite all the AI ​​staff you can advancing in the direction of Radahn, Azote de las Estrellas. Be careful of Radahn at all times because he will throw arrows that you will have to avoid rolling in the direction of your own arrow: he will not give you time to move to the side.

Radahn, Nitrogen of the Stars will change its radiation between a single elemental arrow and dozens of normal arrows. As Radahn throws a bunch of arrows in the air, they fly sideways because if you don’t, a column of arrows will fall from the sky.

As soon as you or one of your allies arrives in Radahn, Salt of the Stars, will drop lightning and start with physical attacks. One of his favorite tactics is sliding around on his chemically small horse, turning back at you with sharp swords for impact.

Hold on until the last moment in this phase, because the later you start the fight, the more likely you are to dodge your attacks.

Now is the time to contact Torrentera. If you call the Spectral Chain too much, the boss will soon miss you an arrow, so better get to where it is before.

Also, we have already tested this Radahn, Nitrogen of the Stars is particularly difficult to attack based on magicso if you have a cane and can throw kicks from Torrentera, you are in the perfect situation to throw kicks from a distance.

Radahn can launch elemental attacks similar to his lightning bolts. The leader will charge his swords with a purple ray and, if he puts them to the end of his head, is about to drop them to the ground right in front of him. Don’t approach now, because a second later two swords will erupt from the ground and destroy anyone who gets too close to him.

In his electric phase, Radahn, Nitrogen of the Stars can lead an attack with a huge impact area by slamming the swords against the ground in the same way.

Another attack this boss can perform is to call down orbs that will approach you, and the only advice we have is that you need you get to the boss very quicklyas there’s no way to avoid impact if you get too close, though it’s relatively easy to roll around the orbs.

When less than half his life remains, Radahn will take a fall (figuratively, because it will literally be the complete opposite). The leader will disappear into the sky, stay for about four seconds, and fall to the ground as an abrasive comet.

Watch the sky while Radahn is in the air and placed in front of the hill from which the comet came, you can now use the upper part of the hill as a shield. If you can climb Torrentera, fire the horse in a diagonal line adjacent to the top of the hill to avoid the attack.

After Comet Radahn, Azotus of the Stars will return even stronger. There will be flying radio orbs that will hit you if you get too close and you can perform a shockwave attack using their magic swords.

In this phase Torrentera is key, as you can move in circles around the boss, just out of range of their physical attacks, in addition to perform a single jump over the shockwaves when he’s about to hit you.

Finally, there is one last attack you would have to keep in this phase, when Radahn leaps into the air and stays there for a few seconds.

Your next step will be to launch at full speed against you with the force of a ray, so it will be Torrentera and huye, because when Radahn makes the first barrier, the attack will eventually hit the ground with a large impact surface.

It is important to note that you will be able to call the characters several times during the fight against Radahn, Azote de las Estrellas. If an AI call dies (it will go far, we assure you) you can go to its call sign to pick it up properly.

We recommend that you always have multiple aliases available to you, especially during Radahn’s second phase when the comet has hit.

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