Elden Ring Park 1.03.2 fixes several issues with multiplayer

Elden Ring Park 1.03.02 is out now on PC as well as consoles, and fixes some of the bugs that have plagued multiplayer for the past few weeks. Basically the error whereby players could teleport other users to areas of the map not designated for it.

Additionally, issues are eliminated with the Nepheli Loux mission, which was causing some players to not be able to progress through it. The “Tolerant” Warzone, which was not working, can now be used normally.

Finally, some aspects of performance have been improved. However, this is a much smaller park than the previous one, which stands out for adding the ability to add markers on the map to record the location of NPCs.

You can read our review of Elden Ring in this link, in which we give you a seal of Imprescindible.

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