Elden Ring – Multiplayer: how to play with friends and how summons work

How to play with friends Fr Ring of Elden is something more complicated than it seems if you have no experience with the multiplayer techniques of previous From Software games.

Games from this developer do not have a lobby system and do not allow you to send messages directly to a friend, but you will have to use items in your own Elden Ring.

Each item has a distinct use: some will allow you to see places you invite other players to while others are associated with invasions, allowing other players to appear in your game and try to get you. kill.

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How Summons Work in Elden Ring

The online part of Elden Ring is a bit complicated to explain if you are your first Soulsborne. If you’ve been playing with someone, the base hasn’t changed much, and you’ll have to worry about knowing the new names for key items.

As we said, multiplayer is linked to a series of objects that can be reached in the game. You can access them from the Multiplayer menu in the stage.

Here are the Elden Ring multiplayer and invite related objectives:

  • Double Dedo Remedy: Reveals cooperative and competitive summoning symbols, i.e. lets see the golden (to ask for help) or red (to start a fight) ground signs that other players have left behind
  • Finger Blower: Send either player to the home world to close the multiplayer session
  • Dedo Doblado by Sinluz: Create a co-op multiplayer summon symbol (gold) that other players can see to help fight
  • Dedo Doblado by Duelista: Create a competitive multiplayer summon symbol (red) that other players can see to start a PvP battle
  • Recusing Dedo: Intends to invade another player’s world
  • Blue Cypriot Ring: Responds to hunter call requests, so you can help other players who have been invited
  • White Cypriot Ring: In case of invasion, ask for help from a hunter

It seems more complicated than that: in practice you’ll only use one or two if you don’t want to specialize in multiplayer. An important advantage: during the invitations there is an “objective” for the visits, but once this is finished each player will return to his game. You might come back, but you’ll need another item.

During co-op games, the multiplayer session will end if you die in battle or lose to the zone boss. During invasions and competitive multiplayer, when one of the two women closes the session.

If the only thing you care about is playing Elden Ring with friends, skip to the next section.

Elden Ring is here! We have a guide for students to help you on your journey through the intermediate worlds. From now on, you will be interested to know what is the best initial class that best suits your playstyle, what is the best initial item to choose and we will help you discover the best weapons from the beginning of the game and the best weapons and easily transportable equipment.

Once you’re familiar with the game we’ll have a full walkthrough with all the steps to get to the final, a review of all grace locations plus a list of all required finalists and a guide on how to follow all the finals.

For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

How to play with friends in Elden Ring

If you want to play with friends in Elden Ring, you need to have a few things in mind, but there’s a simple way to make the experience easier.

There are two options you must have present. In the options menu, go to System, Network and activate the option “Show player names”. By default, you will only see other enemies with their class name. But if you want to play with friends, you have to use it Online ID to make sure you are entering the session with the right person.

Additionally, in the multiplayer menu, you will see two options for setting keywords: create one multiplayer counter and compare it with people with what you want to play, so it will be easier to connect with acquaintances.

When these two systems are activated, select an area. You’ll need to create a call sign, so you’ll need to pick a common location with the other person. We recommend that you choose a Place of Grace, so that you can easily access it with a short tour of the map. Once you are in the same place, use the Dedo Doblado by Sinluz to create a call sign.

That’s all for you. Now the other person should be in the same place and use your call sign. After entering the password, it will reach your world within seconds.

That’s all ! A session can have up to three players at the same time, and if you have all followed the previous steps, you will have no problem creating a kind of “lobby” where to play.

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