Elden Ring – Mission of Fia: How to use the ruined cup and how to access the Deep Raíz fund

The Fia mission to Elden Ring is one of the most fascinating and will allow you to choose one of the alternative Elden Ring finals after you arrive at the final.

Without restrictions, there are very complicated steps to follow without help, including finding objects such as Daga Desgastada there Runa Reparadora del Príncipe de la Muertein addition to many secret places to visit.

On this page you will find:

How to Start Fia’s Mission in Elden Ring

To start Fia’s mission you will have to progress in Ranni’s mission to reach the Fingerhole.

For her you will need to reach Nokron, the Eternal City, by turning to Radahn, the Salt of the Stars, then advancing through the city until she reaches a room under a giant statue of a fingerprint reader digital.

Once you have the Fingertip, you need to find the Cursed Seal of Death.

Where to find the cursed seal of death

You may have already explored this area, in which case you will cross it with much more power. See Cariano High School and place the Cariana Inverted Statue on the pedestal of the first room.

You will have to go through the tower until you reach the divine tower and collect the cursed seal of death at the top. You must now return to Fia and continue with the mission.

What to do with the disgusted rat

Return to talk to Fia at the round table and let her hug you once more. You will have the opportunity to have a conversation about a rat. If you don’t know the conversation, all topics are available until it appears.

You will be able to find the owner of the destroyed rat. Good news: you don’t have to search very quickly, it’s the mysterious D which is also in the Round Table. Bad news: if you proceed with this mission, poor D will disappear, so make sure you have everything he needs before giving the rat away.

Go down to the Grace of the Table and see that D has disappeared. Go further to the Hewg restaurant and see that the upper factory door has opened.

See this room and you will find Fia there. Talk to him until you’re out of options and leave, so it’s time to move on.

How to get to the Deep Raíz Fund and where the Fia is

Fia will go to the Deep Raíz Fund. You can go to this area by the Nokron Aqueduct. To get there, go to the Grace of the Ancestral Forest. Follow northeast and you will see squirrels.

Follow this path and descend quickly to reach the Grace of Acantilado in front of the Aqueduct.

It’s a mini-mazmorra that will culminate in a battle against the fearsome Denodadas Gárgolas, the original Dark Souls. Wencelas and you’ll see a few at the end of the leader’s arena.

You will need to enter this ferry and arrive at the Deep Raíz Foundation near the Gracia de Cima de la Gran Cascada. There is an Arrow Tree Avatar (if wounds don’t reap) and to eliminate the right turn and cross using the rails.

More than that, you’ll have to follow through to the end and see the grace of the Nameless Eternal City. Drop down and continue to the ruined city.

When you are among the ruins, you will have to go up through the rivers and arrive at the Grace of the Crucifixion of the Fathers. From now on you will see the wider area and you will have to fight against the Fia champions.

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For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

Where to get the Death Prince Runa Reparadora

When the final boss arrives, a new Gracia will open and you will see Fia in the staging area next to the teleport door. If you’re not here, rest at Grace or check out another site and come back.

See Fia and, when possible, say “No, I want to hug”. From now on, talk to Fia until you have the possibility to deliver the cursed seal of death which, in fact, you already have in your inventory because you will fall.

You will need to relax and talk to Fia de nuevo. Repeat this process until you can’t talk to him anymore. You can interact with her to enter the Dream of the Finados. So you can start the Lich Dragon boss fight Fortissax. You will fight and you will give up the dream.

Come back with a new Fia and power pick up the death prince repair shoplast stage of the mission.

All you have to do is follow the game to the end and you can activate the last era of the crab.

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