Elden Ring leaves and unlock times, install sizes (PlayStation, Xbox, PC)

Elden Ring de FromSoftware se encuentra entre los juegos más esperados para 2022, y con su lanuzação a la vuelta de la esquina, no surprende ver a tantos preguntándose exact cuándo se unblockará y estará disponible para plataforma en cada. Aquí hay un desglose completo de los Elden Ring leaves and unlock times and install sizes for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Elden Call precarga times

It is possible to preload Elden Ring, but you only have a digital copy of the game reserved. Once done, it will be available for preload on all platforms 48 hours before the launch date in your region.

When can you start playing Elden Ring?

The start time of the game varies slightly between each platform and region, which means that everyone has a different time when they can precargarlo. Here’s a complete breakdown of launch times for each platform and region:

playstation and xbox

Elden Ring launches on both console platforms on the night of February 2nd. 25 for almost all regions. Aquellos que vivan en los EE. Yes en la hora del Pacífico y la hora central obtendrán acceso un poco antes a las 9 pm PST / 11 pm CT.


The release date for PC is a little more complicated, as it differs slightly for each region: algunos pueden jugarlo antes de la midnight del día 25, while others tiene que esperar más. Here is the general description:

  • Tim del Pacífico de EE. YesThursday – February 24 – 3:00 PM (Pacific Time)
  • Center for EE. Yes TimThursday – February 24 – 5pm CT
  • eastern EE time. Yes – February 24 – 6:00 PM ET
  • Hora de Colombia – February 24 – 18:00 hours COT
  • Brazilian time – 24 February – 20.00 BRT
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – 24 February – 23:00 GMT
  • European Central Time – February 25 – 00:00 CET
  • Eastern European time – February 25 – 01:00 EET
  • South Africa Standard Time – February 25 – 01:00 SAST
  • Moscow Standard Time – February 25 – 02:00 MSK
  • Arabic Standard Time – February 25 – 02:00 AST
  • golf standard time – 25 February – 03:00 GST
  • UTC+7 – February 25 – 06:00 UTC+7
  • UTC+8 – February 25 – 07:00 UTC+8
  • Korean Standard Time – February 25 – 08:00 KST
  • Japan Standard Time – February 25 – 08:00 JST
  • Eastern Australian Summer Time – 25 February – 10am AEDT
  • New Zealand summer time – 25 February – 12pm NZDT

What are the install sizes for Elden Ring (PS4 and PS5)

Elden Ring isn’t huge in terms of installation size by modern standards, but it still wants to make sure it has a decent amount of free storage space.

  • PlayStation: 49 GB
  • xbox: 45 GB
  • PC: 60GB

That’s all you need to know Ring of Fire precarga and unlock times, as well as installation sizes, for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Para conseguir more consejos, trucos y guías, busque dlprivateserver.

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