Elden Ring – Launch: Elden Ring unlock date and time in each time zone based on platform and install period

The Elden Ring launch date it’s almost here and now we know exactly when the game is unlocked.

The departure time it depends as much on your platform as on your time zone and on this page we will detail you when you can start playing Elden Ring.

To get everything ready for launch, we also show you when the Elden Ring crate opens on each platform.

On this page you will find:

Elden Ring launch date and time: when Elden Ring sells out on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

The launch date for Elden Ring is Friday February 25although it is read in digital format, you can read it a few hours before it works on your platform.

If you play on consolewhether you play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, your copy will be unlocked at medianoche from Thursday 24 to Friday 25 (local time). That is, we always recommend resting and starting the next day.

On PC, in exchange, there is only one launch time for the whole world. Oddly enough, in many places around the world (all of America, for example), it can be played before the 25th.

This is when digital copies of Elden Ring on PC are unlocked:

  • Peninsular Spain and Europe (CET) – Medianoche from Thursday 24 to Friday 25
  • Canary Islands and United Kingdom (GMT) – 23:00 on Thursday 24
  • US West Coast (ET) – 6:00 p.m. Thursday 24
  • US West Coast (PT) – 3:00 p.m. Thursday 24

As usual, this time only applies and the games are played in digital format. If you’re playing physical, you’ll need to get your copy from the store or distributor. You will need to download the park within a day to be able to play online.

Download Elden Ring: How much and when can you download Elden Ring on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

If you want everything ready for unlock time, you need to precargar the game.

Fr Xbox Platforms (i.e. Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S) the precarga is now available for all users. The size on this platform is 49 GB

Both on PC and PlayStation consoles the download will open approximately 48 hours before the game launches and weighs 40-45 GB on PS4 or 44.9 GB and is played on PS5.

That is to say, the download on PS4 and PS5 will start in the middle of Tuesday 22 to Wednesday 23.

The pc preloadfor its part, should start approximately at these times and you will need 60 GB of free space

  • Peninsular Spain and Europe (CET) – Medianoche from Tuesday 22 to Wednesday
  • Canary Islands and United Kingdom (GMT) – 23:00 on Tuesday 22
  • US West Coast (ET) – 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, 22
  • US West Coast (PT) – 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, 22

In the event of a delay, timings can vary easily depending on time zone and platform, but if you try to wait until Wednesday the 23rd you should have no problems.

Prepare for the launch of Elden Ring and enjoy it as soon as it arrives!


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