Elden Ring – Lágrima Mímica: dónde está y cómo conseguir la Lágrima Mímica

The Ring Lágrima Mimética by Elden is one of the best call levels you can find in the game.

There is a big difference with the rest: the Mimetic Cry does not affect your CP, but PS (ie your own health).

The motive is that you are essentially summoning a clone of your character’s motive which is the best summon for in our opinion.

By the way, you want to pass this summoning step as soon as possible, so on this page we will explain where is the Lágrima Mimética.

How to get the Lágrima Mimética in Elden Ring

Reaching this stage is not easy, you will first have to reach Nokron, and for this you will first have to turn to Radhan, Azotus of the Stars, who will also help you continue Ranni’s mission.

When you get to Nokron, you will have to fight against Lágrima Mimética as a boss. The best advice we can give you is to quit the whole team before you jump in and you’ll come back with nothing left to start with so you can copy a version of yours without gear.

After the fight, cross the aqueduct and head towards the exit towards the Lugar de Gracia Bosques Ancestrales.

You will see buildings that will take you lower.

Drop down and follow carefully as there are tears from the board that will turn into human enemies.

As long as you descend, you will reach an area called the Sacred Land of Night. Not below ground level, at this place the arch crosses and suddenly falls into the chapel with an altar.

Elden Ring is here! We have a Beginner’s Guide to help you on your journey through the Intermediate Worlds. From now on, you will be interested to know what is the best initial class that best suits your playstyle, what is the best initial item to choose and we will help you discover the best weapons from the beginning of the game and the best weapons and easily transportable equipment.

Once you’re familiar with the game we’ll have a full walkthrough with all the steps to get to the final, a review of all grace locations plus a list of all required finalists and a guide on how to follow all the finals.

For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

Then there is a door that leads you to a hallway with a door at the end that requires a sword swipe from Petrea to enter.

Inside there is an enemy but he gives you the sword, so you charge it and open the chest to get the Crystalline Lágrima Mimética.

Enjoy your new invite!

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