Elden Ring – How to unlock the horse and how to challenge Torrentera

How to unlock the horse Fr Ring of Elden is one of the first big questions that will bother you as the empieces explore the game world.

Elden Ring is the first From Software title that has a completely open world (and includes a map), so to get the most out of your time with the game, you have a way to travel faster and evade enemies when c ‘is necessary. Ahí is when your Torrentera horse enters. That said, it hasn’t been available since the start of the game.

This page will show you how to unlock the horse Fr elderberry ring there how to compete with torrentera to prepare for your trips.

On this page you will find:

How to Unlock the Horse in Elden Ring

As we mentioned, the Elden Ring horse has not been available from the start. It will take some time to find the Sites of Grace, the Elden Ring equivalent of the Dark Souls hogueras.

To unlock the horse in Elden Ring, you will need to activate three of these grace zones and rest on the third.

When this is done, you will receive a visit from Melina. He is one of the key characters in the game and will give you some keys to traditions of the world in addition to allowing your statistics to increase.

On the first visit, you will receive a ring called Silbato from Corcel Espectral. This object allows you to call the horse, called Torrentera.

If you want to know how the horse behaves in combat and exploration, skip (or gallop) to the next section.

How to Compete with Torrentera in Elden Ring

It is very likely that Torrentera will call you very soon with your travel companion in Elden Ring. The horse gives you more flexibility than usual in From games, and it’s especially important to consider the size of the new open world.

From the first moment, Torrentera is able to perform a double jump. This adds more verticality to your exploration; if you find treasure in a high area or try to escape from an enemy group, this is key. In addition to the sharp points on the map, you can perform a super jump.

Speaking of enemies, you can use Torrentera during battles. Elden Ring’s horse fight is quite distinct from normal encounters; you can only use your right hand weapon but you can use it to throw kicks. I say this, it is better to practice with smaller enemies before fighting against bosses on his mount.

Torrentera is a spectacle but it is not eternal. Your horse can take damage during combat and if it lowers the life barrier, it will die completely. Don’t worry, there are two ways to get it back:

  • Rest in a site of grace
  • One of the Frascos de Salud to dedicate them to life immediately

That’s all you need to know about Torrentera. Spin the life of the legend!

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