Elden Ring: How to respect

After a long wait, Elden Ring is finally available for PC and consoles. The game presents an open world for players to explore, as well as a host of bosses to fight. There are also many different builds in this game, which is good news for players who want to experiment with different playstyles in a single game or prepare a different build for PvP. Aquí está como respectar a tu personaje en Elden Ring.

Tenga en cuenta that this guide will contain a boss spoiler. We’ll reveal the name of the second main story boss found in Liurnia of the Lakes, and we’ll also talk about a few area names in that area. Si te parece bien conocer a estos jefes y nombres de areas, no dudes en seguir leyendo.

How to respect the Elden Ring

  • Ve a la Academia de Raya Lucaria en Liurnia of the Lakes y vence al jefe de la historia principal allí: Rennala, Reina de la Luna Llena.

    Necesitas vencerla para conseguir la Gran Runa de los No Nacidos. No activation required en una Torre Divina; solo tenerlo en tu poder te permitaria commensar a respectar.

  • Después defeatarla, podrás descansar en el Sitio de Gracia de la Gran Biblioteca.

    La Gran Biblioteca is the place you want to go when you need to respect a character. Talk to the NPC there to start the process and you can reallocate the stat points.

  • Lleva una lavrima de larve to the NPC in the Gran Biblioteca to respect the character.

    Larval Tears can be obtained as a collection of items in the open world, and there are some powerful enemies that kill them as well.

    the fire also respect

  • Each time you respect a character, you’ll regain all the runes you’ve invested in him so far, and you can reposition them as you wish.

    Conseguir lágrimas de larva

    Las Larval Tears are pretty rare in Elden Ring, and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s possible to get a few of them pretty quickly in the game. While in Liurnia of the Lakes, there are two Larval Tears that you can grab in the southern region.

    El primero is to the southwest of the Academy Town Gate Site of Grace. Viaja hacia el southweste until you reach a glorieta where you will find a couple of giant river crabs sleeping. Towards the northeast part of the glorieta you will find another river crab patrolling the area. Derrótalo y se convertirá en un vástago injertado. Defeat and you’ll be rewarded with a first caterpillar vein.

    Sin embargo, los Scions injertados og bastante miedo, som que afortunadamente hay otro que puedes conseguir y es much más fácil de encontrar.

    Deberá llegar en un área lamada Village of the Albinaurics, que se encuentra al sur de Liurnia of the Lakes, como se indica en la captura de pantalla a contiguando. Solo dirígeta hacia el sur en esa dirección y eventualmente verás un camino que conduce hacia el pueblo.

    the fire also respect

    Keep an eye on the right side to pick up a purple item to find the second Larval Tear.

    That’s all you need to know about como respectar a tu personaje en Elden Ring. Be sure to consult our guide wiki for more tips and information about the game.

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