Elden Ring – how to make an antorcha to light up the caves of Elden Ring

The ace Antorchas of Ring of Elden are simple but very useful objects that allow you to orient yourself in dark places.

Although other objects and tools are available to help you explore (e.g. [[Rainbow Stones]]), an antorcha is much easier to use and can be equipped at any time.

Here we show you how to get an antorcha in elden ring during the first hours of departure and how to equip an Antorcha when you need to use it.

On this page you will find:

Where to find an Antorcha in Elden Ring

The easiest way to to get an Antorcha at Elden Ring is to buy one from Kalethe merchant who lives in the church of Elleh.

This is one of the first places you’ll find in Necrolimbo, just north of where you start. Kale is the same vendor that owns the Creation Kit.

The Antorcha will only cost you 200 Runas and you can equip and use it whenever you want.

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How to equip an Antorcha to light up the Elden Ring caves

To explore the caves you will have to take the Antorcha in your hands in the same way that you will equip other weapons like swords or shields.

To configure an Antorcha, open the menu and select Team, at the top of the list.

On the team screen, you will see two rows on the left side, one for weapons and the other for shields or bows. You can place the Antorcha in any of the holes depending on what suits you best.

Choose an egg and select the antorcha.

During the match, pulse Izquierda or Derecha on the D-Pad (depending on which zone your antorcha has been assigned to) to switch hands.

With the Antorcha available, you’ll be able to explore more places that until now were too dark to enter.


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