Elden Ring – Godrick the Injertado: Tips and Strategies

Godrick, the Injertado is one of the most difficult bosses in early Elden Ring, in addition to being the second mandatory boss in the traditional story.

You’ll meet Godrick, the Injertado at the end of Elden Ring’s Velo Tormentoso castle, but first you’ll have to face the leader guarding the entrance: Margit, the Augurio Caído.

Godrick, the Injertado is a very disappointing Elden Ring boss, even for veteran From Software players. For this pattern, we recommend that you take advantage of the invitations.

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How to prepare for the fight against Godrick, the Injertado

Preparing Godrick, the Injertado will vary depending on how you plant a boss fight. If you go body to body, you we recommend a weapon that has great potential, such as the longsword or the Uchigatana. In addition, weapons should be upgraded at least once, because the fight against Godrick can be very alarming with a basic weapon.

If, on the contrary, you intend to use one to build from ranged magic, you’ll need to focus on quick offensive moves. Godrick moves really fast, so if you end up with a lot of rats throwing conjuro, you’ll get some punches.

In addition to the warrior you can summon at the entrance, you should have a spirit that summons multiple characters. Godrick golpea very strong, so you should try your luck with summons like Wandering Noble or Lobo Solitariowhich will discourage and attract Godrick’s attention for longer.

Tips For Fighting Godrick: How To Win Godrick, The Injertado

Godrick is tough, fast and hits hard. Although it does get a little closer at the end of the intro, it’s sure to get you moving at any speed when it takes your fancy. Of course one of them Godrick’s faster attacks start when he rolls to one side, before propelling itself into the air and hitting the ground with its enormous acha. You don’t need to miss Godrick when he rolls on the ground, but you will need to calculate the times when the shock hits the ground if you haven’t reached the impact level.

This attack of wounded is preceded by an attack of wind. It’s unclear exactly how it happens, but Godrick will summon three waves of wind, each time with a large area of ​​damage. We recommend that you leave because from time to time you will have the attack that we show you above.

Another attack you need to guard is when Godrick mixes up his ax with two weapons and hits his head on the ground. This will cause two ground waves, one when the hatch hits the ground and another about two seconds later. Go first and then get ahead of the second wave to attack Godrick in the air. So you can give the boss a good hit when he misses one of his hardest attacks.

You will also need you can quickly attack Godrick’s attack combo. You can identify this attack when Godrick keeps the hashas behind him on the same side as his body, and in turn will do five or six attacks in a row. You won’t have time to hit Godrick between whip and whip, so dodge the whistle in order to get the best out of you.

When Godrick is between the mitad and a third of his health, the fight will be interrupted by a scene and Godrick, the Injertado will acquire a new weapon: a dragon head capable of performing fire attacks. To erase your calls, you must run around Godrick to find his sword as soon as the attack begins, giving you maximum time to avoid calls. Godrick will continue this attack for a few seconds even if he avoids it, so you can use him to attack.

It is important to note that in this second phase, the wave attack we mentioned is slowly changing, and now there will be three phases. On this occasion, you will be interested in waking up before leaving, because now Godrick has three opportunities to have a potentially fatal impact.

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For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

Reward for visiting Godrick, the Injertado

When you win Godrick, the Injertado will receive no less than 20,000 Runas in total, which will allow you to go up several levels (depending on the level at which he is working against Godrick, of course).

So you will take it Godrick’s great runa and the memory of the Injertado. With this second item you have two options: you can use the wounded memory in your inventory to get more shots or you can take Enia to the round table to get new weapons.

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