Elden Ring gameplay and launch date

BANDAI NAMCO has announced it today THE FIRE RINGthe new Action RPG by From Software it will start January 21, 2022 (February 25) on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

THE FIRE RING is the greatest game FromSoftware to date and will offer an amazing kingdom and with a story as rich as blood.

All thanks to the creative mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki (creator of the successful and famous video game franchise DARK SOULS) and George RR Martin (author of the fantasy series Song about ice and firepresent in the list above bestsellers the New York Times).

More details about Elden Ring

The Fire Ring evolves into a world called Tierras Intermedias, created in collaboration with the author of Ice and Fire Song, George RR Martin, who took over the creation of the game’s story.

Players can customize their characters using a character creator similar to the Dark Souls series. Regardless of its appearance and the chosen characteristics, it will take on the role of one of the many tarnished individuals whose predecessors were exiled from the Midlands many years ago. But when the Ring of Fire breaks, they have the opportunity to return and conquer the land from which they were banished.

The Middle Countries consist mainly of six large areas controlled by semidioses, Characters are also written by Martin, who acts as the game’s main characters and does not need to be initiated in a set order. The Fire Ring allows fast travel and will also include a central zone that can be accessed as part of the game.

The Fire Ring will have more finals, and the roads leading to them will also be different

The Fire Ring follows the path of Dark Souls 3but add more customization options thanks to one 100 skills that can be combined with any weapon. The main character is a link in white and players can configure it as they wish. The game will also struggle with a “relatively simple” character system and a difficulty level not as high as Sekiro or Bloodborne. But that does not mean that Elden Ring, the players will die and not for a while.

The Fire Ring will deal with cooperative multiplayer with up to three players. This system will only work in open field and will no longer ride the horse.

Finally, it takes the Fire Ring about 30 hours to complete the campaign and some secondary missions.

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