Elden Ring Finals: How many Finals are there and which is the best Finals

It certainly doesn’t surprise you, though. Ring of Elden has more than one end.

There are a total of four variants of the ending we’ve come across so far.

To complete the game in all possible ways with the same character, you will need at least six games.

The good news is that each game follows the same main mission, and the endgames are to be seen by the side missions that come out.

On this page you will find:

How many Elden Ring finals are there?

Let’s remember for a moment, there are six different endgames for Elden Ring. Of these, three of them are main endings and the rest are variants.

However, despite the fact that the first return of Elden Ring may cost more than a few hours, New Game Plus games will surely be much more direct.

How to do the Elden Ring endgame

Although the world of Elden Ring is very large, the requirements for the finale do not require us to recite the entire map.

In our Elden Ring guide and leader list we will explain what the main route is, but in summary you will need to take two Great Runas to visit the capital of Leyndell, then visit the leaders there, then travel to the Mountains of Giants to approach the Fire Giant.

After that the world will slowly change and you will have to go back to Leyndell to face the new bosses and the final boss battle will be real.

What happens along this path is what will determine how the ending changes.

End of the fracture era

Fractured Era/ Elden Lord es el Elden Ring final fight. To do this, you just have to follow the main path of the game:

  1. Defeat the two Lords of Elden
  2. Derrotar to Morgott
  3. Defeat the Fire Giant and kill the Iron Tree
  4. Derrotar in Malekith, La Hoja Negra
  5. Defeat the remaining Beast of Elden bosses in the capital city

End of the Crab Age

The age of crisis is an end dedicated to the fia mission.

Fia can be found at the Table of Lost Grace, and her mission has multiple stages, bosses, and optional areas.

We have a page dedicated to the Fia mission, but in summary we will have:

  1. Let Fia hug you and talk to D at the round table
  2. Speak regularly with Fia until she offers you a Daga, after insulting the two Masters of Elden
  3. Give the D mouse to the round table
  4. Relax and visit the lounge behind the herrero in the round table and talk to Fia
  5. Obtain the Cursed Seal of Death from Ranni’s Mission Line
  6. Find Fia in Deep Raíz Fund and defeat the Fia Champion
  7. Talk to Fia until you get the Cursed Mark of Death
  8. Talk and relax until you can relax with her to enter a dream
  9. Defeat the Chief of Dreams then return to Fia’s body to get another Runa
  10. Choose to use the Prince of Death repair rune after destroying the Beast of Elden

End of Despair’s Blessing

This is the worst variant of the Elden Lord ending, and must be seen with the Zampaheces.

After completing the missions, you will need to use the Cursed Damage Repair Runa after destroying the Beast of Elden.

  1. Find Rya in Landlocked Liunia
  2. Go to the Fisherman’s Cabaña in Liurnia and buy the Rya Medal from the NPC you find there. This will make a hole in the capital.
  3. Talk to the Zampaheces in the new room that has opened up in the Round Table
  4. Follow the round table version’s curse of the sealer that’s in the capital city
  5. Take the seed curse to Zampaheces, and I’ll give you a key
  6. Go to Subterranean Shunning-Grounds and find your cell to free the real Zampaheces and say it’s okay
  7. Go back to the round table and you will see a message where only the Zampaheces say that they left the capital of the capital
  8. Go to the Outer Foso and face the Zampaheces, and you can get another body curse from Semillero of Boggart
  9. Find three more Curses and bring all five to Zampaheces in the Round Table to get the Dead Curse Fixer Runa
  10. Destroy the Beast of Elden and choose to use the Curse of Destruction Fixer Runa

End of the era of order

The Age of Order is the variant of Lord Elden’s finale that appears when he follows with the mission of Brother Corhyn and Golden Mascara. It’s a fairly complex mission that requires you to meet and speak with two NPCs, and has at least 37 intelligence points.

When completed, you will get the Runa Repairer of the Perfect Order, and use it after destroying the Beast of Elden.

  1. Talk to Brother Coryhyn at the round table
  2. Advance in the story until the character tells you that you have found the golden mascot; it will move up the road north of the first grace you find upon entering Altus.
  3. Go north of mount Altus and you will find Máscara Dorada in hondonada under the bridge road section
  4. Talk to Máscara Dorada then go back to Corhyn and say; Corhyn will go talk to him
  5. Talk to both until you have the dialogue options, and when you have both Big Boards they will move towards Leyndell
  6. You can meet them on the side of the colosseum, and they will talk about a puzzle. To solve it, you must have at least 37 intelligences and the Law of Regression enchantment.
  7. Look for the grace of the air tree, you can go up an elevator to find stairs and a message with the text “regression” and you can use the hechizo here.
  8. Máscara Dorada and Corhyn will move to a bridge south of the Stargazer Ruins
  9. Once Upon a Time Desecrated Leaders up to (including) Malekith, the Black Hoe, you will be able to find the Runa of Perfect Order in the body of Máscara Dorada, which is found around Grace’s site of the Sanctuary of the Arbol Oro of the High Place.
  10. Use the Perfect Order Runa Lair after destroying the Beast of Elden

Lord of the Frenzied Calling Finale, Elden Ring’s Bad Ending

The end of the Lord of Frequent Call, which seems to be the worst ending in the gamelet’s throw the Elden Ring universe into chaos.

To do this, we tend to find the location of the three fingers and hug them. This will mark your character with yellow eyes and prevent you from being damaged by Malenia and use an item you have in it to restore it.

Our guide to The Three Fingers counts the steps in detail, but in summary they are:

  1. Find the Margin Prison in the Altus Valley Capital, either before or after defeating the Fire Giant
  2. Arrive at dawn and reach the abandoned cathedral.
  3. Derrotar a Mohg, el Augurio
  4. Go to the pedestal behind Mohg and follow this path
  5. Proceed forward (you will need to platform) to find a Grace site
  6. Take out all armor and weapons and approach the door
  7. Hold the three fingers
  8. Complete the final bosses in the game

Elden Ring is here! We have a guide for students to help you on your journey through the intermediate worlds. From now on, you will be interested to know what is the best initial class that best suits your playstyle, what is the best initial item to choose and we will help you discover the best weapons from the beginning of the game and the best weapons and easily transportable equipment.

Once you’re familiar with the game we’ll have a full walkthrough with all the steps to get to the final, a review of all grace locations plus a list of all required finalists and a guide on how to follow all the finals.

For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

End of the Star Era, the good end of Elden Ring

Finally we have what it looks like the good end of Elden Ring. It has to do with Ranni’s mission.

Our Ranni mission guide tells you more about it but, in summary:

  1. Find Ranni in Ranni’s Tower. For this you will have to reach the Cariana Mansion, in Liurnia, northeast of the lake.
  2. See Nokron and find Hoja Dactilocida
  3. Use the portal in Ranni’s Tower to enter Nokstrella
  4. Take Ranni’s doll and talk to her at Nokstrella’s Grace Site
  5. Return to talk to Ranni to get the key to the closed box in the Raya Lucaria Library. And there, and get the Golden Moon Ring
  6. Look towards Lake Podredumbre and kill the invaders there
  7. Use the Grand Clostro delay to fight with Astel, Innato del Vacío
  8. Go to the boss and return to the cave by the elevator
  9. See the Cathedral of Manus Celes and cross the agujero
  10. Interact with Ranni and chat with her
  11. Destroy the Beast of Elden and choose the Era of the Stars option

Good luck picking up your final Elden Ring!

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