Elden Ring – Donde está la Llave de Piedra Refulgente de la Academia Raya Lucaria

The Lave de Piedra Refulgente de la Academia en Elden Ring is a key item that you will need to achieve as part of the game’s main story.

Also known as academy keyyou will open the way to the second great mazmorra of the game: the Academia Raya Lucaria.

The first time anyone will tell you about the Academy’s Llave de Piedra Refulgente will be from the mouth of Hechicero Thops when he first arrives in Lagos. Both the key and the seal of the Academy that can be opened with it are in the same region.

If you come back further with a second Llave de Piedra Refulgente de la Academia you can finish it Thops mission.

To help you complete this mission, we recommend that you first take the Liurnia Map Fragments.

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Where is the Llave de Piedra Refulgente of the Academy

If you go to the south gate of Academia Raya Lucaria, you will find a “meeting place map” near the seal with a track to carry the Llave de Piedra Refulgente from the Academy.

As long as you follow the map like you don’t, you will find the Llave de Piedra Refulgente de la Academia next to the Dragon de Piedra Refulgente Emarag to the west of the Academy.

If you’ve explored the area before, it’s just north of Gracia del Cuartel Templario.

If you approach from the south, the dragon will sleep in a way that blocks the way to objects.

If you infiltrate from one side carefully, you can escape its fury and pursue the objects.

Although the dragon is defeated, you will have enough time to collect the Revengeful Stone Lava from the Academy before the battle begins, which is a corpse.

If you can explore, it’ll give you time to pick up Kukri and Dragon’s Fat swords, but for the rest, it’s time to head up to Torrentera and hide.

Where to use the Llave de Piedra Refulgente de la Academia

As long as you have the Llave de Piedra Refulgente from the Academy, you can go to the seal south of the Academy. If you already have the map, you know where it is, but if you went directly to the Llave, we’ll show you how to get there. You will have to go to the Asentamiento in front of the academy to the south and approach the stairs to the west and go up towards the door. Use your horse to easily get rid of enemies and unlock Grace.

With the Llave de Piedra Refulgente of the Academy in your inventory, near the seal and transported to the Academy, and you will be guided to the Square of Grace of the Main Gate of the Academy if you prefer to return further.

Now that you’re here, head north to the Seal to reach the Camino de Bellum and find another grace spot to explore the northern region when you’re ready.

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For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

Where to find a second Academy Llave de Piedra Refulgente for Thops’ mission

If you spoke with Hechicero Thops at the Irith Church of the Llave de Piedra Refulgente de la Academia, you will say that you are interested in getting another Llave de Piedra Refulgente de la Academia if you want to find one.

The second Llave de Piedra Refulgente of the Academia is in the Academia Raya Lucaria property. The route is complicated and involves dodging magic, jumping through spikes, and falling from a beam to a flashlight. To help you, we recommend watching this video of Mars Games on YouTube which clearly shows you the route from Gracia de Salón de Plenos in 4 minutes:

Hands in hands, return to Thops in the church and hold the key. It will move from one location to the Academy, more specifically to the Academic Hall. Follow Grace’s steps and turn right to meet them.

You will receive Thops’ Sphere, Academy’s Reflective Stone Cane, and Thops’ Hechizo Barrera. If you bring the Sphere to the Quiescent Gem Cells, you can buy three new hechizos in its store: Guijarro of refulgent stones, Arco of refulgent stone and Starlight.

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