Elden Ring – Centinela Agreste Draconiano: tips and strategies

El Centinela Agreste Draconiano is a (relatively) optional leader of Elden Ring.

You’ll encounter the Centinela Agreste Draconiano just outside Lyndell, the Kingdom’s Capital, and approaching this leader is the easiest way to enter the city.

Although you can come to Centinela Agreste Draconiano alone, we recommend using co-op or including invites to help you reach the final boss.

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How to Prepare for Centinela Agreste Draconiano

To prepare for the fight against Centinela Agreste Draconiano, we recommend using weapons based on hemorrhagic damage or Veneno damage. Ambas works exceptionally well against this final boss.

On the other hand, a melee weapon is recommended against Centinela Agreste Draconiano. A shield will be practically useless in this battle; instead, you would have to roll to avoid your attacks.

Such, we recommend that you carry a two-handed melee weapon to fightnow that’s your best option to meet the rival.

As for shielding, a balance should be found between physical defense and anti-radiation defense.

It’s a good idea to look for fire-resistant armor, so the Centinela’s fire attacks are easy to dodge; in turn, defending against the radioactive attacks of its second phase should be your priority.

Centinela Agreste Draconiano – tips: how to get to Centinela Agreste Draconiano

During the first phase of Centinela Agreste Draconiano, you will receive physical attacks on everything in the form of massive barricades with your weapon. The boss will charge at you from his horse, slamming into the ground with his hammer and continuing with a wide attack.

Make sure you rolling just before the first impact with the ground to avoid it, then prepare a new one to continue dodging when the boss launches the second attack.

Centinela Agreste Draconiano’s horse is able to start a fire. If the boss stays close to you from a distance, there’s a chance his horse will throw a fireball at you, though it’s easy to avoid it just by moving sideways.

If you stay too late in front of Centinela Agreste Draconiano, the horse will pull to the ground; if the horse rears up on its hind legs, it immediately turns back.

You’ll know you’ve entered the second phase of the Centinela Agreste Draconiano fight when the captain shakes his massive hammer with a red ray.

Now all physical attacks from the boss hammer are accompanied by a rat that damages the gift area.

If before it was important to avoid, now it is more because a single fall can mark your misfortune.

The Centinela Agreste Draconiano will occasionally pause during this phase to raise their hammer and splash across the battlefield. The chispas mark the places where the rays fall in seconds, so avoid these areas.

In this phase it is so important to monitor the environment so as not to block the camera in the head.

Here you can see the full battle:

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Reward of Centinela Agreste Draconiano

When you come to Centinela Agreste Draconiano, you will receive huge rewards.

The first has 37,500 Runas, but you will also take it The Great Dragon’s Weaponand the Dragon Garra Shield, excellent for avoiding physical attacks.

Now that you have visited Centinela Agreste Draconiano, you can access Lyndell, capital of the kingdom, and continue the story of Elden Ring.

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