Elden Ring – Buy Piedra de Forja and Umbrapiedra de Forja with Esferas de Minero

The ace Piedras de Forja are resources needed to upgrade weapons in Elden Ring.

These consumables aren’t particularly rare, but you’ll likely find them, and they’re useful enough to want to encounter them before you can.

In addition to spawning in certain locations in Las Tierras Intermedias, these valuables can also be purchased from the Doncellas Gemelas Quiescentes in the Round Table. The only thing you need is to get them Forja Stone Miner Spaceswhich will correspond to a level of Piedras de Forja.

There are two distinct types of Piedras de Forja, the normal and the Umbrapiedras of Forja which are used to upgrade special weapons. So whatever you need, in this guide we’ll show you where to find all the miner spaces so you can buy as many Forja Stones with Stones as you need.

On this page you will find:

How to buy Forja Stone 1 and 2 with Forja Stone Miner’s Sphere 1

Being able to buy Piedras de Forja [1] there [2] at the Round Table you will have to climb a cave and approach a leader.

The cave is the crystal mine of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia, northeast of Lake Hundido. Before entering, you can check that there is a red diamond on the map. We’ve marked where it is on the map and also a screenshot from the game so you can see where the cave entrance is.

Once inside, you will find Raya Lucaria’s Crystal Mine grace and you can start exploring the cave. Along the way, you’ll find Forja Stones in the cave walls, so be sure to explore anything you see.

When you reach the bottom of the cave, you will find a chef called Cristaliano. Download and you will automatically get Forja stone miner sphere [1]. Take a look at the Doncellas Quiescent Stone in Mesa Redonda and you can buy Piedras de Forja [1] there [2].

How to buy Forja Stone 3 and 4 with Forja Stone Miner’s Sphere 2

Miner’s next sphere is in the Meseta Altus, y can be found in a box in the sealed tunnelwhich we have marked on the map.

If you have already managed to find the tunnel and its Grace, go inside to find the coffin. If not, that’s the way to get there.

Teleport outside Árbol Fantasma del Muro and see this. When you reach the culvert you will see rocks, used to sink into the area of ​​water below. From now on you can easily find the cave.

If you approach the first area of ​​the cave and find an elevator, go back up and keep exploring. You should immediately see a box in front of a wall (it’s an illusory wall, so it doesn’t appear in the image below). Open the box to get a Forja Stone Miner Sphere [2].

How to buy Piedra de Forja 5 and 6 with the miner’s sphere Piedra de Forja 3

To reach these Piedras de Forja, you will need to be able to access the Picos de los Gigantes region, accessible with the Great Rold Lift.

If you have already unlocked it Gracia de Ruinas de Zamor, is closest to the miner’s sphere, if you don’t have to use the Great Rold Lift and follow the path that we show you below. Grace will be at your disposal.

From there you’ll go south to your own ruins and over the enemies (if you want to avoid a fight you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you’re serious) to the point we marked on the map. You will see stairs that lead to a catacomb which you must enter.

Open the box behind the door and you will find the Forja Stone Mining Sphere [3].

How to buy Forja Stone 7 and 8 with Forja Stone Miner’s Sphere 4

Getting to this miner’s sphere is simple enough that you’ll receive it as part of the game’s main story.

When he arrives at Farum Azula, the city in ruins, you will have to win a two-player battle called Sacrodermo Duty. It’s part of the story, you will have to win yes or no, but when it ends you will come as a reward for the sphere of the stone miner of Forja [4].

This leader is close to the Grace of the Dragon Temple, simply passing through the door, following the corridor and the stairs to end up in a magnificent room.

How to buy Forja 1 and 2 Umbrapiedra with Umbrapiedra 1 Miner’s Sphere

Forja’s first Umbrapiedras mining sphere is in the Caelid region. It is located in the Crystal Mine of Sellia, which has a grace on entering. We have marked the location of the cave on the map and in a picture.

If you prefer, you can reach this place in advance by finding a suitcase in Necrolimbo not very fast from your initial location:

When it arrives, this mini-mazmorra has some secrets. The only thing you need to make things even more complicated is to jump from a rock to a slab of wood in the first large area, as we have shown in the image below.

In a moment, you will reach large wooden doors and behind you is Chief Bestia of the Estrella Fugaz, who will reward you with the Umbrapiedra Miner’s Sphere. [1].

How to buy Forja 3 and 4 Umbrapiedra with Umbrapiedra 2 Miner’s Sphere

To find the Umbrapiedra Mining Sphere [2] you will have to arrive at the Grace of the Altus Gallery in the Meseta Altus. We’ve marked the location in the map image below and provided another capture so you can try more or less where it’s the cave entrance you need to find.

If you haven’t found the cave yet, the best way to get there is to take the path to the Grace de la Croix exit from the Chemins d’Altus. Follow the path to the end and you should be very close to the cave itself.

Once inside, cross the cave and arrive in front of the large wooden doors. Then you will find a leader who is one of the Christians. Turn around and bring the miner’s sphere to Umbrapiedras de Forja [3] there [4].

How to buy Forja 5 and 6 Umbrapiedra with Umbrapiedra 3 Miner’s Sphere

For this miner’s sphere, see the Grace of the First Church of Márika in Picos de los Gigantes. We marked them on the map. The miner’s sphere is north of the church in a coffin.

If you haven’t arrived at the church yet, start from Glacial Lake Grace to the north. Grace to those who want to go is in the direction of the yellow arrow.

From there you climb the huge dragon and keep it on the right side of the frozen lake while you cabalgas to Torrentera. You will then arrive at the church.

The killer will be the sphere of the Umbrapiedra miner [3].

How to buy Forja 7 and 8 Umbrapiedra with Umbrapiedra 4 Miner’s Sphere

This miner field is in the game’s main story, but you can step in if you don’t investigate enough. The sphere of the minor is near the Tejado grace of the dragon temple in Farum Azula, the city of ruins.

Just go north of Grace and towards the rocks. On the board you will see a corpse with the sphere of the Umbrapiedra miner [4].

Elden Ring is here! We have a guide for students to help you on your journey through the intermediate worlds. From now on, you will be interested to know what is the best initial class that best suits your playstyle, what is the best initial item to choose and we will help you discover the best weapons from the beginning of the game and the best weapons and easily transportable equipment.

Once you’re familiar with the game we’ll have a full walkthrough with all the steps to get to the final, a review of all grace locations plus a list of all required finalists and a guide on how to follow all the finals.

For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

How to buy Forja 9 Umbrapiedra with Umbrapiedra 5 Miner’s Sphere

To reach this mining sphere, you will have to travel to the Grace of the Watchtower Front to the Storm in Farum Azula, the City in Ruins.

From there you see the bright reds and turn right. You will see an image like the screenshot below with a dragon on the other side. You will be able to reach the dragon itself.

When you approach the dragon, it heads to the right and under the huge archway. Follow the path to the right through the collapsed tower (yes, you can move forward, but be careful).

You will see a kind of small temple with an enemy, an altar and a corpse. It’s a trap: two enemies will jump from each other, so be careful.

After defeating the enemies, you will be able to collect the Umbrapiedra Miner’s Sphere [5]. We have shown you where the temple is on the map below.

These are all the Miner Chain locations to be able to purchase Piedras de Forja, we hope they help you upgrade your weapon to take on the biggest losers in Elden Ring!

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