Elden Ring: best crystals

To find Crystals of Elden Ring will increase your chances of being supervised, allowing you to further customize built you are personage.

In addition to the Vial de Lágrimas Carmesí (red) to recover PS and the Vial de Lágrimas Cerúleas (blue) to recover PC, which is better with Seeds of Doradas and Lágrimas Sagradas, there is a third type: the Vial de Médika Miragripar which can be likened to Crystal Tears.

He can only be used once (although he wakes up after resting in a Grace, like the rest of Viales), but you can customize your gear with Crystal Crystals.

At the basic level, it can be seen as an additional cleansing flask, but it can add more interesting temporary effects. In fact, two distinct effects can occur at the same time.

On this page we give you our recommendations best crystal tears in Elden Ring to create your ideal blend.

On this page you will find:

Where is the Lágrima de Burbuja Iridiscente

It’s a tear provides significant damage negation for an attack. It essentially forms a shield in the form of a burbuja that will reduce the damage of an attack to one shard, allowing you to survive even attacks that would normally kill you with one hit.

The ideal would be to use it just before entering a boss, although it must be kept in mind that its effect expires after a while. Also, while it will save you on the first hit, if the enemy is holding you down in a combo, you won’t see the effect until the first hit.

Iridescent Burbuja Water can be obtained very quickly initially, by traveling al Áureo Peuqeño Tree of the Peninsula del Llanto al sur del Necrolimbo. When you reach this area after crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, keep moving forward until you find a path on the road that allows you to climb north to higher ground, which will take you to the Grace of the South of the Tower Vigía.

Follow west and cross a bridge. You will soon come to the Áureo Pequeño tree, which is to the south.

Destroy the Iron Tree Avatar and drop the Iridescent Burbuja Water.

Where is the Lagrima de Cristal Carmesí Hendida

Esta Lagrima the PS will gradually regenerate over three minutes, an ideal duration for a boss fight. It is a slow regeneration, so you will have to follow according to Viales carmesí to heal the big hits, but it will help you recover from less hits and practically avoid the effects of the venom.

If you also have an effect that lets you do more damage with full HP but you’re around 90%, you won’t need to use a full Cleanse Flask.

Fortunately, the Lágrima de Cristal Carmesí Hendida also continues derrotando al Avatar del Áureo del Áureo del Áureo Small Arbor of the Peninsula del Llantoso that if they come you will carry this Lágrima and the Lágrima de Burbuja Iridiscente with a single fight.

Where is the Lágrima de Cristal Verde Derramada

Esta Lagrima Temporarily increase resistance recovery rate. Considering the great importance of resistance in Elden Ring, it is very important, even if it takes into account that it is the same best you can get from the Green Tortoise Talismán, which you can equip permanently. This is an option in case you prefer to use your talismans for something else.

To accomplish this Lágrima, you must go to the Small Aerial Tree in Caelidalthough luckily you don’t have to explore the area too much to find it, as it’s a quick trip from Necrolimbo, specifically Iglesia en Llamas, which sits on the border between the two areas.

You should be looking at the small aureo tree from here, but move closer to the side slab to get closer to the base of the tree. You will encounter enemies along the way, but Torrentera can easily avoid them.

You will take your place against a Putrefacción Roja, a tougher version of the Avatar of the Áureo Tree because of the Putrefacción Roja. When you come, you will receive the cry of the green crystal Derramada.

Where is the Lágrima Rota Retoñante

Esta Lagrima avoid losing your Runas to death. It’s basically like equipping a sacrificial Vara in the Talismanes hueco, but in its case it will be awakened after a single use, while the Lágrima can be used as many times as necessary that are always in the mezcla of the Vial of Medika Milagrosa.

Without a ban, it’ll only take you three minutes when you’ve used the flask, so if you encounter a surprise embankment after that time, you’re out of luck.

Of Gracia de Muro Exterior of the Campo de Batalla in Leyndell, ve al este hacia el Áureo Pequeño.

You won’t have to fight against an avatar, only a small group of enemies and their leader. In case of damage, you can remove the Lágrima Rota Retoñante from a basin at the foot of the Áureo Pequeño tree.

Where is the Lagrima de Burbuja Carmesí

Esta Lagrima provide health when your PS is at the point of agotarse. While it doesn’t give you much health, it can make a difference when an attack leaves you on the brink of death.

Advertisement: It won’t save you from an enemy attack or you could be killed. The effect, like most Lágrimas, will only last a few minutes after using the bottle.

Esta Lágrima está in the Picos de los Giants.. When you get to this large area of ​​the map, you’ll find the small aerial tree to the east.

From the Grace of the Mirador de las Ruinas de Valdeneva, there is a narrow bridge to the south, and you will find the Small Aureo Tree to your right. Derrota to the Avatar of the Iron Tree to transmit the Lágrima.

Elden Ring is here! We have a guide for students to help you on your journey through the intermediate worlds. From now on, you will be interested to know what is the best initial class that best suits your playstyle, what is the best initial item to choose and we will help you discover the best weapons from the beginning of the game and the best weapons and easily transportable equipment.

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For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

Where is the Lagrima de Cristal Quebrada

Esta Lagrima defective and volatile explode after a few seconds. This may not sound like a good idea, but it has its uses.

It’s something like a bomb that will allow you to generate a large amount of holy damage, a particularly useful tactic in PvP. Additionally, you can find two of these tears and combine them to duplicate the damage.

The first Lagrima can be found in the Little Aureo Tree southeast of Liurnia, just northeast of Conversos Tower’s Grace. You will have to fight the Avatar of the Iron Tree to get rid of it.

The second Lagrima is in Campo Sacroníveo, the secret area west of the Picos de los Gigantes that only you can access using the Secret Tree Medal yesterday. following the mission of Latenna la Albináurica.

The visibility is not great in this area, so you should take the map fragment of the area as soon as possible, which will show you the location of the Áureo Pequeño tree, northeast of Gracia de Interior del Campo Sacroniveo.

When you go in this direction, you will find your road blocked by rocks. Without blocking, there is an opening to the north that will take you to the Small Air Tree.

Watch out for enemies with throws along the way, and of course be prepared to fight a Poor Avatar to get your Crystal Cry.

Have fun experimenting with Crystal Tears combinations!

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