Elden Ring – Beginner’s Guide: What to do with the Elden Ring principle?

Whether you’re a veteran of From Software games or a newbie, the open world of Elden Ring is a genuine departure from the previous formula.

The first time you reach the initial area of ​​Necrolimbo (after selecting your initial class and initial item), the whole area will be open for exploration: you can discover caves with short but difficult mazmorras, dragons will attack you or you will be confronted by the trolls of this area.

The game tells you a destination you need to go to as part of the story, but you don’t know why to go there immediately. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do not go there for a while. Once this happens, take your time to understand how this world works and to improve your personality.

How to Start Your Elden Ring Game

The first is the first: you have to know where you are going and that is to say, go around the Castillo Velo Tormentoso. When you pick up your first Grace (these resting spots are the equivalent of the Elden Ring pigs) you’ll see a light appear on the top that tells you which direction you need to go. Varre, the person you are looking at, will tell you that the Castle is the first place to explore, and if you look west you can see his silhouette in the shards.

Without hesitation, now that you know where it is, we recommend that you resist the temptation to go there. In this direction you will find special upgrades that will interest you, but it is not recommended to go to the castle itself until it takes hours of play.

This is the first thing you should do in Elden Ring:

  • Visit the Iglesia de Elleh, just north of your starting point, and speak to the trader Kale so he can sell you a crafting kit and manuals, plus an Antorcha if you want to explore the nearby caves .

  • The ideal is that the inserts explore the Ruins of the Gate. It’s an area that goes through the main road, next to the gate where you can approach Velo Tormenta Castle, and has two useful items: the Area Map Fragment and an Afilar Knife to equip the skills of. weapons with war rifles.
  • At this point, you’re probably wondering how to get up. Visit Gracia just west of Ruinas de la Puerta and you will be given a tour of Melina. Here you can also take the Torrentera horse, which will help you explore the area in a more agile and simple way.

  • If you want to explore some small mazmorras before anything, you can explore the caves in the area. From now on, you’ll need an Antorcha to move around, and the rulers within it (Semihuman Chief, Farum Azula Beast Man, and Arbol Áureo Funeral Guard Dog among them) will give you a good defio with decent rewards.
  • Although some people tell you not to go to Lake Agheel, you should be able to take a walk around the outside by following the river north. After an invasion, you want to visit Parches, which has an item that will help you with one of the important rulers very soon. Also here you can buy a Petrea Sword Lave which will allow you to access specific closed areas.
  • Also, on the side, you’ll find one of our top weapon recommendations for the initial battle, the Gem Swords. Chances are you need to increase your stats before you can equip them, so I’m going to ask you to farm Runas.
Where to find Gemela swords in Elden Ring.
  • Regardless of the weapon he wields, he deserves to dedicate a rat to research the Stones of Forja to improve them. In fact, there are two places we recommend visiting: a mine-like mazmorra on the north side of the lake, and a field full of trolls in the Colina Tormentosa area, near Castillo Velo Tormentoso.
  • Finally, there are some perks from Frasco in order to help you improve, and if you also want to receive help in combat, researching a summoning spirit will be very useful.

At this point, you should have access to a good weapon, a character with a good level, and a better understanding of the game systems.

With those points above, you’ll only scratch the surface of what Necrolimbo has to offer, so we won’t talk about the rest of the game, much of which is accessible from the start if you know where to go. Keep calm and see your own pace, there will always be something new and surprising around every corner. When you prepare, follow the main story.

Elden Ring is here! We have a guide for students to help you on your journey through the intermediate worlds. From now on, you will be interested to know what is the best initial class that best suits your playstyle, what is the best initial item to choose and we will help you discover the best weapons from the beginning of the game and the best weapons and easily transportable equipment.

Once you’re familiar with the game we’ll have a full walkthrough with all the steps to get to the final, a review of all grace locations plus a list of all required finalists and a guide on how to follow all the finals.

For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

How to advance in Elden Ring: how to reach the Castillo Velo Tormentoso

When you’re ready, reaching Velo Tormentoso Castle is as simple as going west through the Gate Ruins gate and following the path up the hill until you reach the gates.

It’s direct but not simple: there are many enemies, both in his own door and in the path of the castle.

Luckily, with Torrentera, you can simply challenge all the prisoners until you reach the castle walls (you don’t have to worry about dodging enemies, if everyone is in a group).

Yes, this troll will jump. Yes, you would have to run around without looking back.

Without hesitation, before you can access the Castillo Velo Tormentoso, you will encounter the first important final boss of the main story: Margit, the Augurio Caído.

It’s a frustrating encounter that requires a good level person (20 in our case) and more good offensive options and a call that can help you.

If you ask us here (we’ve outdone ourselves) explore Necrolimbo a bit more, not only to improve your personality, but to avoid frustration. Unlike other From Software games, difficult bosses can block the main road but you’ll still find plenty to do. Take your time and explore, Margit can be happy about that.

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