Easter eggs from Apex Legends shooting range

This is fun for Apex Legends players. Have you ever been alone on the shooting range and wanted a real fight? The result is that there is one Easter eggs so these Dummies can move and attack and tell you how to do it.

How to make puppets move and attack in Apex Legends

How to make puppets move and attack in Apex Legends

  • Load in the shooting range as Horizon.

    If the Horizon is not unlocked, this can be done with the Pathfinder, but typing the handle can be a little more complicated.

  • Once loaded on the shooting range, leave the cave where it was conceived and go to the other end.

    At the exit of the cave, it will be the one found at the left end and at the right end if the eyes are seen from the weapon platforms.

    Apex Legends Easter Egg firing range

  • Once you get into the right cave, go to the back wall and look up. It’s incredibly dark, but your goal is to get to this top platform.

    Apex Legends Easter Egg firing range

  • Launch Horizon’s Tactical and maneuver to this platform.

    You want to do this in the middle of the platform.

  • Go up to the front of the platform to the cave entrance and drop all the weapons and ammo you have found.
  • Click on thumbnails, look down and open the main menu to change your Legend (while the / start settings are pressed).

    Switch to any Legend you want.

  • If you hear a mechanical sound when the screen rotates to show that it is dead, the Easter egg worked. When you first harvest, you will find the Dummies happy to shoot them.

    Note: this Easter egg lasts until you leave, but you will have to go back to take the steps to get back to activating it on another visit.

    Attack of Apex Legends mannequins

  • If you have Legends, everything you need to know how to get dummies on the shooting range to move and attack in Apex Legends.

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