Early access to GRID begins with Ultimate Edition

GRID is now available to all users who have applied for it Ultimate edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, offering racing fans an intense wheel-by-wheel action on some of the urban circuits and more challenging races, the rest of the players will be able to claim the game next Friday On October 11th.

Enjoy advanced access to GRID with Ultimate Edition

After being considered Best racing game in the latest edition of gamescom Awards 2019GRID gives players the opportunity and availability to allow them to play their way with a superior control model that responds so well to the needs of simulation players that they want a fun experience as for those fans of casual driving games looking for an exciting production careers.

As the lights are on, players will experience the truth the drama of automovilism, GRID is not about a procession of vehicles; sex 400 controlled IA personalities for the game, which ranges from calm to aggression, pilots who are diverted from the racetrack to avoid being overtaken by opponents can stop late and do whatever is necessary to stay ahead of the group. GRID counts 104 Carrera events 12 venues, loose best pilots, included Fernando Alonso and his team FA Racing Logitech G of sports and venerada escuderías return Ravenwest Motorsport.

“As a team, we are incredibly proud of the game we have developed and we are delighted that users around the world can hold it in their hands,” he confirmed. Chris Smith, Director of GRID Games at Codemasters. “We start with three goals, create a game where the user has control and is allowed to play in his own way. Let the game come to life and show the drama of the automotive industry. Finally, create a game for the whole world; which has the best control able to appeal to as many fans of the simulators as to less experienced users. We have put all this on GRID, and we look forward to hearing the comments from our players ”.

Buy now GRID Ultimate Edition with advanced access that includes the content of seasons 1 to 3 and has advanced access in 3 days from today 8. The official launch is on October 11th.


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