each chief and in what area they will meet

From Software’s latest and exciting role-playing game has arrived in the form of Elden Ring. Taking players through an epic mission through Lands Between to become an Elden Lord, the game faces you over 50 battles against bosses, both necessary to break the story and simply break through the open world. In this Elden Ring Boss General Guidewe will guide it through each boss in the game and where to meet them.

How many bosses are there in the Elden Ring?

There are 83 battlefields (84, if you want to fight the Parches, remember not to kill them!) That you can encounter in The Lands Between and the Elden Ring. Without a doubt, it takes into account that you can master the main story of the game without having to fight against everyone.

list of fire ring heads

Many of these are optional and can simply avoid leaving a large space in the open world.

All the leaders of the Fire Ring and where to meet them

Next, you will find the list of leaders you will find in Elden Ring, divided into different areas of Lands Between, where you will find them. The locations are in the order in which they are most likely to be recaptured, but as we know, it is important that some of them are stored in areas that could be passed very high and completely, there is no specific “order” in which they will be picked up …

If you have any problems, just go ahead, do something else to strengthen and intend to confront them again at a later date.

Editor’s note: some of these bases can be found in different places. They are initially listed so that they can later be found on the lists.

Jefes and Limgrave

  • Zamor’s old hero – Evergaol is crying
  • The animal from Farum Azula Cave on the side of the tree
  • Bell hunter – Stormhill Evergaol
  • Assassin with a black knife – Catacumbas killed
  • Knight sabueso Darriwil – Forlon Hound Evergaol
  • Knight of Crisol – Stormhill Evergaol
  • Chief mitad humano – Cueva Costera
  • The dog will guard Erdtree’s farm – Stormfodens katacumba
  • Dragon Flying Agheel – Ruins killed by dragons
  • Dragon Glintstone Adula – Three brothers
  • Godrick the wounded – Castillo Velo de Tormenta
  • Vástago injected – Teaching area / Head of Department
  • Duelist Guardian of Tumbas – Catacumbas de turuas turbias
  • Leonina mal engendrada – Castillo Morne
  • lion guard – Castillo Velo de Tormenta
  • crazy calabaza head Ruins of route points
  • Margit, the cold prison –Cerro Tormenta
  • Knights of the Night – Bridge at Agheel Lake North
  • running bear – Earth’s cave
  • Soldier from Godrick – Tumba of the hero Fringefolk
  • Stone diggers troll – The tunnels in Limgrave
  • navy blue shinsr – Summonwater Village (also found in East Liurnia of the Lakes)
  • Millipede wood – Limgrave Road (immediately after leaving the guide area)
  • All the chiefs of Liurnia de los Lagos

  • Adnan, the boy of fire – Evergaol del malhechor
  • Lord of alabaster – Royal Grave Evergaol
  • Alecto, black knife hair – Evergaol del cabecilla
  • Cuencos, Carian Knight – Cuckoo’s Evergaol (Liurnia Occidental de los Lagos)
  • the shadow of the cemetery – Catacumbas of Tombsward
  • Powerful knight Cave with still water
  • crystals – Crystal Cave Academy (also available in Atlus Tunnel and Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave)
  • Avatar for árbol erd – Erdtree-moll
  • Dragon Glintstone Adula Manus Celes and Tres Hermanas Cathedral
  • Emerald Dragon of Glint Stone – South of Crystalline Woods
  • Magma snake maker – Precisely covered with ruins
  • Assassin’s Creed – Pueblo de los Albinaúricos
  • Radagon’s red wolf – Store Lucaria
  • Rennala, queen of the Llena moon – Academia de Raya Lucaria
  • The real knight Loretta – Caria Mansion
  • Renacido genuine – The ruins of the real kingdom
  • Snail called spirit – Catacumbas at the end of the road
  • All the chiefs of the Elden Ring in Caelid

  • I left the black hole – Head of the field
  • Ekzykes in composition – Carretera en el Sur de Caelid
  • Ancient Greek dragon – West of Deep Siofra Well Site of Grace
  • Beast Fallingstar – Sellia crystal tunnel
  • Greyll Flying Dragon
  • Wyrm de magma – Gael Tunnel
  • Knights of the Night – Carretera Caelid en el Sur
  • Espadachín Nox and Sacerdote Nox
  • Starscourge Radahn – Portal in Redmane Castle
  • All the hills with Altus whip

  • Element of brezo – The shady castle
  • Lord of Unity – Sealed tunnel (right next to the west gate to Leyndell Royal Capital)
  • Stone diggers troll – Atlus old tunnels
  • All the leaders on the mountain.

  • Reina semihumana Margot – Cueva del Volcán
  • Reina demihumana Maggie – People hermits
  • The dog will guard Erdtree’s farm – Wyndham Catacumbas
  • Beast Fallingstar last – Near Ninth Mt. Glemir campsite Grace
  • Snake devoted to God/ Rykard, lord of blasphemy Mandatory boss to access Legacy Dungeon
  • Perfume Tricia – Antiesthetic catacumbas
  • Champions red wolf – The hero from Gelmir’s grave
  • The spirit of the ulcerated tree – Cerca del Cementerio stranded place of grace
  • Todo Leyndell, Jefes de la Capital Real

  • Knight of Crisol – Aurizas helts grav
  • Knight of Crisol Ordovis – Aurizas helts grav
  • Golem divine bridge – Puente Divino
  • Esgar, Blood Priest
  • Cayó gemeloer – Outside the capital
  • Godfrey, Primer Elden Lord and Hoarah Loux, Guerrero – Arrival at the top of Leyndell.
  • Morgott, king of Augurio Mandatory boss to access Legacy Dungeon
  • Sir Gideon Ofnir, who knows everything Mandatory boss to access Legacy Dungeon
  • All the chiefs of the Fire Ring in the mountain tops of the giants

  • Borealis la niebla helada – For Spiritcaller Cave (requires Stonesword Key)
  • Commander Niall –Castillo del Sol
  • The ritual of death
  • Giant of fire
  • Apostle of God’s skin and noble of God’s skin – Clamaespiritus hule
  • All the chiefs of the river Siofra

  • Ancient spirit – Hallowhorns land
  • Dragon soldier Access using the Siofra River East Waygate to reach the highest level of the Siofra River. It is felt in the water.
  • All the chiefs from the river Ainsel

  • Gárgola valiente – Siofra Akvædukt
  • Dismissal of the leaders of Farum Azula

  • Clérigo Bestia / Maliketh, the black sword
  • Lord drage Placidusax Hall of the elevator after approaching Maliketh and accidentally collapsed by several debris floating in the air. Get one of the vacancies to be transported to this head of the Elden Ring.
  • All the leaders of the Fire Ring in Nokron, the Eternal City

  • Chemical tears – Found outside Mist Door. Use a Stonesword key to access it.
  • The spirit of true ancestors Light the six obelisks along the stairs at Hollowhorn Grounds, then interact with the ciervo frame at the back of the temple to be transported to the arena for this pile of jabs.
  • Jefes and Lake of Rot (Underground)

  • Astel, Nacido Natural del Vacío – Fantastic Claustro. From Sitio de la Gracia, walk down to the river Podredumbre Escarlata. Interacts with the person on the left side of the Grand Structure to take him to the boss’s room.
  • Soldier Dragonante de Noktella The ruins of the castle Uhl
  • Jephthah and Elden Throne

  • Radagon de la Orden Dorada / Bestia Elden – Go into the glorious wall after defeating Hoarah Loux, Warrior
  • Ahi you have one complete list of bases in the Elden Ring. We will continue to update this guide with rankings of more accurate bosses to the extent we delve into the game.

    For more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our game coverage later.

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