EA is working on an open world Star Wars game

The game could be the remake of the Visceral Games project

As we can read on Gamespot, Electronic art working on a game Star Wars open world with online items, agreement with a list to cover vacancies in the company. The developer is definitely looking for a Lead Online Engineer to offer “online features for a Star Wars open world project” in the Vancouver studio.

This project coincides in several ways with the Star Wars game where Visceral Games worked before EA closed it. If this is the sum that EA has announced that the Visceral game will be taken from their Vancouver study in the future, it’s uncomfortable to think that they will repeat it.

Electronic Arts, Star Wars

The only thing that was known about the Visceral project was that it was a single-player Star Wars, centered on the story, but EA wanted to get all the way back to working on it, and the company’s vice president, Patrick Soderlund, spoke about giving a greater depth and amplitude.

Now we’re inclined to wait and see which side we should take EA to this Star Wars open world, whether it’s a solo player or a multiplayer online bet. After all the uproar with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and its Pay-to-win, it’s not coming back in place, or yes, we already know that the man is the only animal that has been crowned twice with the same stone.

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