EA confirms the development of remastered versions of the Command & Conquer series

The vast majority would be interested in Jim Vessella, Electronic Arts producer working on Command & Conquer 3, Red Alert 3 and Kane’s Wrath, previously being single in a forum called OpenRA working on remastered versions of the first PC Command & Conquer, with the motive of celebrating France’s five – year anniversary. Since it was something super random, without an official announcement in the middle, we decided not to publish it.

Command & Conquer Remaster could arrive in 2020

Things have changed. Today we knew that during the presentation of «called for profits ”in the second quarter of the financial year 2019The company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, confirmed that it was effective Electronic Arts is working on remastering the series, specifically for the PC platform. In addition, he added that if these remasters are suitable, or what it is in itself that sells well, it will probably consider a new Command & Conquer.

At present, no one knows that Saga Command & Conquer will be remastered first, nor does it touch its start window. If the date of the 25th anniversary of Command & Conquer is 2020, when the first title was launched in September 1995, we might not expect much.

Personal a Command & Conquer-general with its extension Zero time would be the perfect edition to bring a fully enhanced comeback and with a multi-player to the height. I am convinced that everything would be a success, at least I would have had cattle.

Command & Conquer-general

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