Dying Light 2 occupies six of the ten best-selling slots on Steam

Dying Light 2, the action-supervisory title released by Techland last week, is a hit on Steam. Its release leaves us with a curious fact: the game occupied six of the ten top-selling gaming sites on Steam last week, according to SteamDB.

This is because Steam considers Reserved Editions and Post-Launch Editions to be separate games, in addition to having independent listings for Standard, Ultimate, and Deluxe versions. The result is that in the top 3, all games are Dying Light releases, and also occupy lower spots on the list.

The only exceptions are position 4, occupied by Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack, position 5, occupied by Elden Ring, position 8 with It Takes Two, and position 10 with Total War Warhammer.

In our review, we give Dying Light 2 a Recommended seal, and tell it that “Dying Light 2 summons thanks to its excellent environment and systems, but also delivers the leaks caused by its accidental development.”


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