Dying Light 2: Finals – how many finals have DL2 and how to get the best ending

Dying Light 2just like the original game, has multiple endings.

There are five main designs in Dying Light 2, but depending on some of the decisions you’ve made so far, you’ll likely find some differences at the end of Aiden’s journey.

This page contains a large number of spoilersso just read it if you know more or less what’s going on and want to know how to get there.

On this page you will find:

How many endgames does Dying Light 2 have

Although there are several changes in the process of your decisions, there are big rasgos there are five endgames in Dying Light 2.

The final decided almost entirely by an option at the end of the last mission, X13. After the final battle with Waltz, the key that will allow the missile to fire is destroyed, so Lawan volunteers to detonate the missiles manually.

This is the main decision of Dying Light 2 that will affect your ending:

  • Already Lawan is detonating the bombs
  • Salva a Lawan

With this decision, the main change you will have in the end is up to you. Hakon goes on with his life. There are several missions during the game where you can die: one in which you must decide whether the dead will die or help, and another in which you can leave Lawan dead or not. If you want the best ending, you have to make sure you survive until the end.

Besides, who are you in the Diffusion mission and your relationship with Lawan influyen in the end. It’s a minor change: a short stage show that will run the city and hit the missiles. If you are online with Frank / the Supervisors there follow the romance with Lawan, in addition to making the right decision in X13 and keeping Hakon alive, you will get the best ending, in which Lawan is the one for you.

In summary: you have two decisions, which in the past have two variants depending on if Hakon is still alive, and if in addition Hakon is still alive, the Overseers carry the broadcasts and have a relationship with Lawan, have a total of five finals.

Here you can see the main differences between the last two with the MELOO video on YouTube:


We will now explain the differences to you in detail.

Dying Light 2: Everything You Need to Know About the Final Decision ‘Let Lawan Detonate the Bombs’

If Lawan attempts to detonate the bombs, you will attempt to save Mia. The base will be explored with missiles inside and the city will be saved.

Whatever happens, Mia dies a few hours after the funeral and Aiden decides to leave town to continue traveling the world. You will find out where Aiden is going when Spike, who is coming to town to deliver a package to Frank, asks a wanderer.

Also, it depends on your decision during the Broadcast mission (no, your decision as to what makes each city settle doesn’t matter), when the Overseers or Pacificadores have taken over the city. Also, if you have a relationship with Lawan or won’t change an aspect of the ending: whether you are one or not.

There are several differences depending on your previous decisions:

  • When Hakon was dead, Lawan sacrificed himself and Aiden left town alone.
  • If Hakon was alive, Lawan would be saved, but if the Pacific Islanders controlled the recovery, Aiden would leave town alone.
  • If Hakon is alive, he will save Lawan, and if the Overseers take over the waves and have a relationship with Lawan, they will unite with you.

Here you can see an example: the Overseers take the city, but Hakon and Lawan are killed:

Dying Light 2: Everything you need to know about the final ‘Save Lawan’ decision

If you decide to save Lawan, you will have to go through the base, capture Lawan and escape from the base. Without a blockade, missiles will be launched and most of the city will remain destroyed.

You will learn of Aiden’s fate when Spike comes to town and asks for a wanderer. Here you will learn about Mia’s fate when she tells you that Aiden tried to look for his sister, but approached another person and decided to save her.

There are several differences depending on your previous decisions:

  • If Hakon were alive, he would be with you, fulfilling the pact.
  • If Hakon was dead, Aiden would leave town alone.

You can see this second option here:

How to achieve the best ending of Dying Light 2?

Considering all these options, it seems like this is the best Dying Light 2 ending:

  • Choose Frank / the Overseers in the Broadcast mission
  • In the final plot of the story, make sure Hakon survives until the end
  • Maintaining a relationship with Lawan
  • Avoid Lawan from detonating the bombs in the final mission

This way the town will be saved, Lawan will survive, the Overseers will rule the town, and she will unite with Aiden on her journey across the world.

Here you can see the whole final on video:


We hope you helped get the ending you wanted in Dying Light 2!

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