DUBIUM closed Beta Date

MUMO Studio has officially announced that the next beta is closed DUBIUM there will be a space between December 15 and 21. This 5-player game, set in a science fiction universe, offers a unique vision of the popular generation of social deduction, and the developers of MUMO are eager to see how people react to the game.

Although Kickstarter sponsors are guaranteed a place in this closed beta by invitation, MUMO encourages all fans to sign up on the official website for the opportunity to be included. Registration ends on December 14, so don’t worry.



How to participate in the closed beta of DUBIUM

Kickstarter sponsors will receive an email before the closed beta trial period with a Steam key and instructions on how to participate. It is not necessary to sign up.

Everyone else has the opportunity to be included in the beta test upon request to register on DUBIUM.com. If selected, players will receive a 48-hour email with instructions and a beta test key for streaming on Steam.

Regions and time zones

With the goal of providing the best possible experience at DUBIUM, CBT providers are limited to the following regions and time periods between December 15 and 21 to allow developers to check and resolve any issues that may arise:

  • North America – 5pm to 12pm CST
  • Europe – 17.00 to 12.00 CET
  • Korea – 5pm to 12pm KST

The start and end times can be adjusted a few hours sooner or later on certain days, but the times specified earlier are the ones that are most likely to be available to servers. Depending on the distance that the servers meet, players can experiment with layers on the server or layers while playing. Players who meet outside the server regions are welcome to attend, without restrictions should take into account this possible problem.

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