Dress up horses, explore things and see the medieval chaos in Rustler

The car wash is much of this century. It is time to return to our senses. Get your horse to the point, fire cows at enemies and enjoy the scattered and crazy medieval life you deserve! Modus Games today announced its affiliation with Jutsu games y Game operators to launch Rustler advance access to Steam from 2021 onwards.

One Rustler, you will play with the anti-hero Guy, a foreman decided to win the Grand Tournament, whose main prize is the princess’ hand in marriage. Can you rob a couple of horses or kill someone or others? It’s possible. One thing is for sure: you have to be creative and leave the scribes aside if you want to win the big tournament!


  • Fantastic Robo de Caballos: Take the chaos of a medieval world inspired by the classic gameplay from GTA.
  • Bridge over the crown: As a poor civilian, you have to be creative to win the Grand Tournament. Form strange alliances, defeat your enemies and destroy dinosaur skeletons (because why not?).
  • A medieval sandbox: The form in which it progresses depends on you. Dedicate your time to completing missions, looking like chaos and having fun on the other side!
  • Much more than horses: Send cows through the air, snatch your villagers by the fangs, fire Santa Claus grenades or carry visible drawings in the field with a plow.
  • Judgment of power: Contact a music partner to play the tunes you like and add a powerful soundtrack to your adventures.

Ride the horse and get ready to complete missions to win the big tournament, terrorize Aldeans, shoot cows through the air and shoot the most absolute chaos as a medieval criminal in 2021. Try the free demo.

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