DreamHack is hosting Spain’s biggest sports festival this summer in Valencia

This summer returns to Valencia DreamHackSpain’s largest sports and digital leisure festival and one of the largest in all of Europe, taking place between 1 and 3 July 2022 at the Feria Valencia, two years after the start of the pandemic. coronavirus.

The event’s return to Valencia is big news for the sector, which may have more than 2.9 million fans in Spain. In addition, the Spanish market again represents 4% of the global sports market.

This is what we can expect from DreamHack Valencia 2022

The upcoming edition of DreamHack Valencia has already revealed the first international competition scenes that will take place at the festival, which you have already announced in the most important goals of sport at national level. Among the first announced contests that you can enjoy are:

  • CSGO Women’s Circuits: This is the only European tour on the track before the final in DreamHack Sweden. This tournament, which seeks to bring together the most women in the world of sports to find equality in the industry, has a final prize of $ 500,000. In addition, an independent tournament will be held at DreamHack Valencia with a prize pool of $ 100,000.
  • Halo Championship Series: This is the only parade in the European Championship. The first Halo Infinite LAN regional event in Europe takes place in Valencia. There will be prizes of $ 100,000, which will be split between the 8 teams classified. In addition, DreamHack Valencia will have the opportunity to acquire various assets from Halo Infinite, allowing fans to represent their region in the game.
  • ESL Challenger: This is the only stop in Spain for an ESL Pro Tour tournament. There will be prizes of $ 50,000 for the winner, 20,000 for the second and 10,000 for the third.
  • Starcraft 2: Unique Master of ESL Pro Tour SC2 in Europe, which will include $ 338,000 in prizes.

Dreamhack Valencia is, in addition to the largest sports festival in Spain, an immersive gaming experience that includes all kinds of activities for lovers of gaming culture and technology: a LAN party of more than 3,000 people; activity area related to video games and technology; meet and greet with influencers and professional players with the biggest consequences among the public; live music, beats and exclusive awards; shops of merchandising; zone of foodtrucks and much more to expand.

More than 65,000 visitors, 60 international sports teams and 1,200 professional players visited DreamHack Valencia in its last edition in 2019, where they hosted this event at a time when they met the best sports players in the world and shared more than € 300,000 in prizes among them 14 national and international tournaments.

In addition, the creation of 168 new jobs, a direct impact of more than 3 million euros in the city of Valencia and an average cost per. participates during its term of office of € 187.64, which sums up some total revenue of more than € 4 million. for the city.

DreamHack Valencia not only repeats itself locally and nationally, but also does it internationally: Nearly 5 million spectators follow its broadcasts each year around the world. Streams from the 2019 festival are broadcast in 6 languages ​​and account for over 91 million hours of viewing, making it attractive at a competitive level for people all over the world.

PCS Javier Carrión, Director of DreamHack Valencia: “DreamHack’s return to Valencia is all a dream for a large part of the gamer community, who year after year are counting the days to find something new at the event. After two years of cracking down on Covid-19, the illusions have been revived in a 2022 edition that is larger and with more activities than ever before ”.

Thanks to the Early Bird sale in March and for disappearing existences, registrations for DreamHack Valencia will have a special discount that will allow assistants to save up to close to 20%. It is possible to get registrations here.

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