Dragon Quest XI exceeds 4 million units sold worldwide

Square Enix has today announced that after the launch of DRAGON QUEST XI: Eco from a lost past in the western market in september, digital shipments and sales worldwide and on all platforms have surpassed four million copies.

The game, loved by many and a perfect gateway for saga recipients, has won the acclaim of critics around the world for its accessible and well-balanced strategic combat system, its brilliant and visually appealing graphics, its enchanting characters and their surrounding history.

One DRAGON QUEST XIfans of a lifetime and new players will be able to enjoy equal parts of twenty story about a persecuted hero who travels with a playable group of tenants’ comrades to solve the mystery of his fate. Erikthe confidence buddy, the intrepid witch Verónica, la despreocupada sanadora Serena, the virtuous artist Serving, the noble expert in martial arts Jade y the mysterious old man Rob will accompany the hero on his great adventure through the world of Erdrea.

DRAGING QUESTION XI: Eco of a lost past is now available for PlayStation 4 and STEAM. Those who purchase the game will also receive a scarf and a Trodain exhibit of DRAGON QUEST VIII: Periphery of the Cursed King in the inventory at the beginning of his adventure.

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