Dr. Disrespect feels ironically irrespetado por YouTube

After recently presenting the first snapshot of the next Midnight Society title, gout muertay regresó a PUBG en buena forma, streamer bigotudo Dr. falta de respeto cree que está en la racha de su vida.

Sin embargo, parece que ser invitado a la San Francisco 49ers preseason camp there is no sufficient validation for Doc.

The broadcaster then decided to reiterate his displeasure with the platform he chose, taking off his sunglasses for a moment to call out YouTube for its lack of support.

El irrespetuoso se convertivo en el irrespetado

On Twitter under his real name Guy Beahm, Disrespect declared: “It’s an incredible pensar que la plataforma en la que Doc transmite no lo apoya ni un poco. Sin seguirio, cero comunicación, absolut sin amor”.

“The impact we have had on the growth of the transmission of YouTube is crazy”, he continued and concluded: “Se han aprochedo de nosotros… Jesús YouTube, muestra algo de respeto”.

Some of those who responded to the post seemed to agree with Beahm’s opinion about the predicament of his alter ego, with YouTuber StoneMountain64 responding: “Tener éxito despite (this) shows power but they have it awake there Sigo pensando que Doc should also do multitransmisión with TikTok and Facebook Take control of everything.

Strangely, streamer x SERP3NT replied to StoneMountain64 asking that this strategy might not be available to Disrespect due to an exclusivity contract with YouTube, prompting StoneMountain to reply: «No, Doc got banned on Twitch and moved to YouTube, por lo que no hay contratos’.

The broadcaster then suggested that Disrespect might wait for offers from other broadcasting platforms, before adding that all these speculations are only based on their own knowledge.

Several other responses mentioned the idea of ​​Disrespect seeking a YouTube contract instead of just a follow-up, with one of the channel’s moderators, @layer_cake, saying: «So many broadcasters wanted to give up on Twitch long before the ban on Doc , and les estás , showing that success on YouTube is possible and that you receive nothing at all. Utter shame.”

En respuesta a este commentario, el usuario @ Naughtya77 mencionó la idea de que YouTube no tiene ímpetu para ofererle nada al streamer bigotudo due to que su tensa relación con Twitch probabilidad sus opciones si buscara mutarse a otra gran plataforma.

Fortunately, the Doctor’s character didn’t seem fazed by any of this discussion, describing the extent of his problems by tweeting: “I hate having to clean my 150ft infinity pool on a sunny 82 degree sunday with margaritas junto a la piscina».

Whatever issues are related to el group, be sure to follow us for more updates on popular broadcasters like Ninja and Dr Disrespect.

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