DOOM VFR: How to Fix a Wrong Graphics Card Error for WMR Computers (AMD GPU Users)

Does it play in an auricular WMR and has some error in that it does not show anything through its auricular? This quick guide will fix that. With a little luck!


Welcome to the guide. Most likely you are reading this because you are buying Doom VFR and playing it through an auricular Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). But just to find out that it has a white screen or is stuck on an intermittent loading screen, but when your screen shows the game and a message that says “Wrong graphics card: connect your headers to the same GPU as your screen”.

What’s annoying is that there is a solution for Nvidia users that changes some settings in the control panel, without restrictions there is no known solution for AMD users. Well, this guide is about to change that and happily fix the problem.

The cause and how to solve it

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if your PC crashes while following the instructions. I strongly recommend creating a system restore point before continuing with this guide.

The reason:

In the latest version of the Windows update, a virtual display adapter (VDD) was added for some unknown reason. Because of this, Doom starts VFR and uses the VDD as the main method to display and completely ignore its GPU with plugins connected. It just seems to be for Doom VFR and all the other games work fine. There may be an error between VDD and Vulkan API. I’m not sure I’m a software engineer or programmer. It’s just me wondering.

The solution:

The solution is easy and only takes a few clicks, follow the instructions further.

  • 1. Press the Windows Start Button or the Windows desktop and type “device administrator” and click.
  • 2. In the Device Manager window, click “View”> “Show Hidden Devices” and navigate to Display Adapter.

  • Click “Virtual Screen Adapter”, and once installed, move the cursor to the red cross at the top, which is the uninstall button. Click on it and it will be deleted.
  • 4. Close the Device Manager window and reconnect your WMR header if it is already disconnected.
  • 5. Load the game normally.
  • 6. Now you should see the game that will be displayed through its computers.
  • 7. See some demons and enjoy the metal.

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