[Donbiki]Otaku man sexually harassed an 8-year-old girl’s game distribution account without knowing that his mother was managing it → To the worst end…




* Mr. Otaku rushed to delete his account and escaped

Reactions to this article

I thought it was an account written by an ignorant little girl
If you are sexually harassed with bare sexual desire
You changed your attitude immediately after seeing a sentence that your mother is managing
They target children because they think they can’t understand them and can’t deal with them.
just like a sex offender


If the mother manages it, there seems to be no problem with the rules
The fact that a mother created a child’s account is being criticized
I feel sick

Probably because there are a lot of gochi-pig voice-pigs, the rate of such degrading otaku is high.

Take legal action.I don’t know if this kind of idiot needs to be punished

“I’m sorry for the otaku, but in a place with such an otaku,
Parents and children who use Twitter are also bad.”
It’s decided that it’s 100% bad to get involved in such a nuisance!
As long as we create an atmosphere where it’s bad to criticize the victim
This kind of crap keeps popping up one after another

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