Does Coinbase offer cryptocurrency exchange services in India?

The Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange continues to expand its reach after its launch Coin base Spain to offer services to the Indian market.

As one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase’s latest venture will include exploring the Indian cryptocurrency market and giving Indian investors the opportunity to trade multiple cryptocurrencies in INR. As new Coinbase lists appear with sufficient frequency, Coinbase can expect users to migrate from Binance to Coinbase to use these features.

Indian investors will also be able to use their official mobile application to navigate and operate multiple cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at the additional services that Coinbase offers its Indian investors and users.

Coinbase will facilitate cryptocurrency trading services in India

While attending a Tech Hub conference in Bangalore, India, Coinbase announced that the company hopes to expand its services in India and facilitate cryptocurrency trading services for Indian investors.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, which has been in India for the past few weeks, confirmed the news. He also added that Coinbase is making a “long-term investment” in India to encourage cryptocurrency-related activities in the region.

Armstrong also acknowledged the growing popularity of UPIs (User Fee Interface) in India and how they could be used to facilitate a floating cryptocurrency trading experience for Indian investors. He said:

India has shown great interest in UPI.

A UPI is a payment system that facilitates instant payments in real time by allowing transactions between couples.

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To simplify the cryptocurrency trading experience for Indian investors, Coinbase India’s product director, Surojit Chatterjee, explained how UPI can win with Coinbase. This will give users access to the various cryptocurrencies available for their subsequent sale and purchase. There will also be a mandatory incorporation process to access Coinbase services in India.

The stock market is already turning strong for the Indian cryptocurrency market. It has already invested nearly $ 150 million in ten Indian key cryptographic companies, including CoinDCX, Polygon and CoinSwitch.

The company also plans to contract qualified Indian personnel to perform floating cryptographic operations in the region.

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