Dissatisfied avant-garde players with futuristic plans

When Call of Duty fans speculated that Vanguard would take the franchise to a World War II scene, many remained dissatisfied after years of modern and almost futuristic scenes.

With many looking forward to a somewhat realistic experience, characters like Snoop Dogg and characters from Attack on Titan have left value over time to harass society.

With Season 3 on the way, players express their frustration at the emergence of futuristic weapon plans that seem completely out of place on Vanguard’s multiplayer battlefields.

Mechanized evacuation plan

Prior to the launch of Season 1, Sledgehammer Games managed to preserve the aesthetics of Vanguard, but after nearly two complete seasons of content after launch, the developer chose more unique cosmetic items that would not be found outside of Infinite Warfare.

Reddit user ‘VonBurglestein’ shared the new plan, saying they “really achieved World War II aesthetics”.

Many were disappointed to comment on the post, which has now been deleted. One user could not “believe that they are still adding these bull ** designs to the game”, while another added that they are “satisfied” that there are no trophy systems inside the game that prevent immersion.

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Will Vanguard get a trophy system?

As players become acquainted with the futuristic plans, many expect a trophy system to emerge to avoid spam from grenades during play. Despite the demand, it does not appear that Sledgehammer Games is planning to add the field update in the short term.

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