Dislyte voice actors and repair list

Did you start playing and think you recognize a voice? Most likely they’ve heard it somewhere before. To help refresh your memory, here they are all Worn double actors and what hope to play.

Dislyte has over 60 Espers available to play, and each one comes with a unique look, personality and voice. For such a great game, this is a great game. Tell yourself that you are in a unique world, a city on the brink of collapse, where your spirits reappear to fight the enemies. There are almost endless team combinations between different weapons, skills and advantages to prove, and many adorable characters.

See our list of Dislyte levels to see how your team is doing. If you’re a little overwhelmed, we have a guide from Starimon and also how to get relics to give life to your Espers.

All Dislyte voice actors confirmed

Here is the complete list of all the voice actors in Dislyte:



Alexa (Aphrodite) elisa park
Anesidora (Pandora) Dana Weddle
Arcanos (Hermes) eddy yung
Asenat (Nefertem) Luci cristiana
Bai Luili (White Snake) lauren hancock
Bardon (Baldr) nathan nokes
Berenice (Bastet) Nicky Boland
Biondina (Poseidón) kat protano
Bonnie (Eris) Aimée Smith
Brynn (Valquiria) kira elizabeth
Catalina (Hela) alanna reece
Cecilia (Isis) alanna reece
Celine (mermaid) amy lovato
Chalmers (Idún) miqueas murer
Chang Pu (Yao Ji) valerie shyokina
Cloe (Medea) Katabelle Ansari
Clara (Hera) alaina wis
David (Jason) antonio greco
Dhalia (Calipso) michelle morgan
Zoser (Atum) milo reid
Donar (Thor) mar anderson
Drew (Anubis) karlton sheley
Eira (Freya) arianna angelina
Fabrice (Freyr) antonio phan
Falken (Horus) steven kelly
freddy (fenrir) Angel Guadarrama
Gabrielle (Njord) abigail turner
Room (Hodur) eddy yung
Helena (Helena) breanna macdowall
Heng Yue (Chang’e) sydney hymanson
Hyde (Hades) bare flynn
Jacob (Jormungand) daniel amerman
Juana (Gerd) Aimée Smith
Jiang Man (Meng Po) amber lee connors
Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother) madison brunoehler
Kara (serket) sheila williams
Kaylee (Anuket) Laura Quiambao
Lauren (Heket) VII Zedek
Layla (Medjed) acebo lindin
León (Vali) Roberto Kemp
Luis (Ares) Andy Lambrianidis
Li Ao (Tie Tao) burned mills
Li Ling (Nezha) eddy yung
Lin Xiao (White Tiger) Nicole Kurdziel
Long Mian (Ao Bing) Prime Minister Seymour
Lu Yi (Dayi) aarón smith
Lucas (Apolo) daniel amerman
Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang) Gerardo Núñez
Lynn (Hator) jess nahikian
Melanie (Medusa) Tania Saari
Mona (Artemisa) Carrie Drovdlic
Narmer (Ra) kieran flitton
Pritzker (Mimir) Si halcón
Q (eros) Alejandro Arias
Cuervo (Odín) acebo lindin
Pure Si (black turtle) rory morris
Sally (Sif) amanda godmand
Lijadora (set) steven kelly
Siena (Gaia) Melba Sibrel Rey
Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong) Esteban Roe
Tang Yun (six-eared macaco) cristobal vidrio
Taylor (Hercules) Blythe Melin
Tevor (Esfinge) mike previti
Tiye (nuez) I slept
Triki (Loki) Rex Andersen
Unas (Shu) mike rad
Unky Chai (Yue Lao) Judd Shiffler
Xie Chuyi (Guard of Death Hei) madison brunoehler
Xie Yuzhi (Bai Guardia de la Muerte) Ellie Dritch
Ye Suhua (Shao Siming) Iliana Babler
Zelmer (Sekhmet) Melba Sibrel Rey

Some double actors have taken on several roles; for example, Eddy Yeung is three different characters, including the goto star Hall, and Holly Lindin are two prominent characters: Raven and Layla.

Recognizable names on the Dislyte list

Within Dislyte’s list, there are some recognizable names among new actors. Here is the official IMDB page so you can see what happened.

For example, the first hero we know, Brynn, has the voice of Kira Buckland, better known as Kidney 2B: Automata, and a longtime actor in Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Aimee Smith, who voices Jeanne and Bonnie, stars in the newly launched Chinatown Detective Agency and Kraken Academy! game.

Dislyte has also called on former Lillith Games voice actors, such as Madison Brunoehler from AFK Arena.

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