Digital game sales reached $ 9.4 billion in January 2020

SuperData is back to provide us with new data that refers to the industry we like best, one of the video games. Sales of digital games in January 2020 reached $ 9.4 billion, 3% more than last year. Want to know which game makes more money for users? then I read on.

Before you go to see the games that have been downloaded by the platform, there is a comment that mobile phone revenue increased by 13% compared to 2019a completely clearer data to understand because companies are getting slower and slower every time to bring the games to this platform.

Hardcover consoles and sure that all users are looking forward to the new generation. Revenue from consoles was reduced by 42% in the free gaming segment throughout Fortnite’s disinfection and by 19% in paid games.

SuperData January 2020

World of Warcraft has lost more than 64% of its subscribers since the launch of Wow Classic

League of legends still impossible. Weighing low in punctual months, played by Riot Games continues to be the undisputed king in what it refers to generating revenue. In short, we will see many other titles on the company that are under development and that promise to revolutionize the market.

Dragon Ball Z: Cockroach sold 1.6 million digital units, a new record for the franchise. Unlike previous Dragon Ball titles, which were multiplayer wrestling games, the new game is a single-player action role-playing game. The gender revolution helped the franchise reach a wider audience, leading to digital sales in the first month being more than double any other previous Dragon Ball title.

Mobile games focused on more casual users are finding more relevance than ever, and a test of that is Garden Landscapes – New Acres. Launched by Playrix in August 2016, this free game ranks third on the mobile charts with a record revenue of $ 111.9 million. Profits have risen rapidly to almost triple since September 2019. To give you an idea of ​​the scale of the case, none of the revenue from Gardenscapes and its sister Homescapes far exceeds the revenue from all Candy Crush Saga titles. .

In terms of PC and MMORPG genres, World of Warcraft will recover some of its clutter thanks to the latest Visions of N’Zoth update. The number of subscribers grew by 17% from December to January (excluding China). Follow these good numbers, the harsh reality is that since August 2019, the month in which the World of Warcraft Classic was launched, the game has lost 64% of its subscribers.

We could not close without knowing it went over to Fortnite, and it is the game Epic continues in gradual descentat least on consoles, and when the lowest rates since November 2017. Assimism, the January update of Apex Legends increased monthly active users of the console by 12% over the previous month but the game generated less revenue than in December. On the contrary, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds announced an update of season seven on PC as well as on console in January, and PC players responded particularly well. Sales of the game grew by 512% compared to my previous PC after a long period of “queuing”.

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