DICE is also looking to update Battlefield 2042 scoreboards through March

DICE has announced a new retirement related to Battlefield 2042.

Earlier this week, the Swedish study confirmed that the first season of the multiplayer first-person shooter will be delayed until this summer and will not arrive in March as previously announced, because for this date they want to have a ready park where these are some improvements based on feedback received from the community.

Today, moreover, it has also been confirmed that the update of the rating tables, which was expected for the end of this month, will be postponed until March.

An official statement said “the extra time will help us ensure that we improve the quality of our updates and include additional changes.”

DICE that is today released a small update to restore the renewal map to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions due to which it has been temporarily removed due to stability issues .

Battlefield 2042’s user base has grown steadily since launch, peaking at just 17,290 players on Steam last January. This crackdown contrasts with the increase in player numbers in other French titles, with Battlefield V increasing its player peak to around 26,000 in January.

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