Diablo Immortal Streamer Spends More Than $ 10,000 Revealing ‘Pay to Win’ Microtransactions

Since its launch last week, Diablo Immortal has received a mixed reception from both fans and critics, and many are disappointed with the use of microtransaction mechanics and button boxes.

These techniques, which have prompted Activision Blizzard not to launch the game in either Belgium or the Netherlands due to local button box laws, continue to cause a source of controversy even among those who have chosen to close the game.

This is no doubt the case with a streamer who decided to invest significant sums in the game to demonstrate the harmful and problematic nature of his microtransaction system.

Diablo Immortal Streamer is left without a five-star gem

In an attempt to show that those who try to speed up their progress by opening their tickets to the free mobile game are getting an invaluable deal, New Zealander Quin69 has turned over more than $ 10ki in the game since he left.

This total amount was raised during a 13-hour transmission on June 7, where the transmitter still remained without a single echo of five stars, to the point where $ 25 percent of money is regularly invested during the transmission.

In a clip, Quin69 responded to a short video of Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng discussing Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions, where the streamer said: games? »Walks by and asks the spectators:” Where do you think we will spend more time? “

He also added: “It’s almost like the game is like 80 or 90% taking money out and then like 10% of the game.”

The experience that describes the transmitter is certainly not in line with the comments from the game’s chief designer, Joe Grub, at PCGamesN before launch, and the developer says that “the optional purchases are always a bonus, never miss the main game”.

Despite this and the fact that the developers of the game in the same interview defended their free content as more than enough to provide a deep and enjoyable experience, as if other players had an experience similar to Quin69.

A recent post from user SVNihilism on Diablo Immortal subreddit states that the game is: “pay to win, nothing to win”, adding: “More than the main rewards from the start of the daily / weekly session and the course of the match “there is only an illusion of progress.”

The publication also says: “It does not matter if they are F2P or a megaballena, they are all caught on the same racetrack, doing the same things and the only progress is due to RNG”.

Meanwhile, a reply to the same post from user ToastyGoat_321 says: “It’s not better to play with more characters. It’s better to play another game”.

Be sure to follow up to get more updates from Diablo, as it looks like Quin69’s costly experiment is not finished yet. And if Quin69’s monetary testing has not piqued your interest in the game, our list of Diablo Immortal levels can help you get started.

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