Developer “God of War Ragnarok” was developed as “the best PS4 game”, so it can’t take advantage of PS5’s functions.

Dev Confirms God Of War Ragnarok Is Unable To Fully Utilize PS5 Capabilities


According to the article

・The developer involved in the development of “God of War: Ragnarok” revealed that this work did not fully utilize the performance of PS5.

・Bruno Velasquez, the animation director of this work, responded to an interview,The development team at Santa Monica Studio wanted to make ‘the best PS4 game’, so they couldn’t take full advantage of the ‘PS5’.It has said.

Every design goal the studio had in mind was achieved with PS4For,The PS5 version is essentially an enhancement of what the PS4 version is already capable of.That’s what I’m talking about.

・The goal of the studio iseventually make a great game on PS4 and put out an enhanced version on PS5That was it.

・There are no design compromises in the PS4 version, and you can basically have the same experience on both models.

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