Developer Funomena (Wattam) to shut down after allegations of workplace charges

The Funomena developer, who collaborated with Katamari Damacy developer Keita Takahashi, will close out the month following allegations of workplace abuse from studio head Robin Hunicke.

The charges erupted last week come part of a People Make Games report on workplace abuse in three independent studies. In the video, People Make Games’ Chris Bratt talks to various Funomena members who make sure Hunicke is emotionally abusive and uses sensitive personal information in a humiliating way. Many employees describe him as “the instigator of a large amount of toxicity” in the study.

In response to the allegations, Hunicke posted a message on Twitter: “I understand that there are people who have been trapped by the mistakes I have made. I feel it. Right now, I’m going to take a moment to talk to people, focus on the answers that the world whole share, and think about who they are the next step.”

People Make Games – Investigation into three independent superstars accused of emotional abuse.

However, in a video published in the continuity of the previous one in People Make Games, Chris Bratt explains that Funomena will close its doors.

Neither Funomena nor Hunicke spoke of the fact.

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