Detailed censored content from the PlayStation versions of Martha is Dead

The owners of the terror game Martha is Dead have detailed exactly what in-game content has been censored or changed in the PlayStation console versions.

Two weeks ago it was revealed that the game would have changed on Sony consoles, while on PC and Xbox it would continue to be released as is, with its content intact.

Now, in statements made to IGN, the game’s publisher has explained what these changes will entail and also confirmed that the changes were made at Sony’s request. The Japanese company, for its part, has decided to make statements.

After the trailer we leave the list with the censored content. He’s pretty self-explanatory, so we’re not including any photos or videos of himself.

On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, two scenes have been changed so that they are no longer interactive. One is the one that appeared in the demo, in which the player-controlled character cut and slashed a woman’s face with a knife, while in the other, the player opened the door. of a woman with a knife. These scenes will continue to be interactive on Xbox and PC, but on PlayStation they will be cinematic.

In another part of the game, there was a dialogue in which there was a reference to masturbation, which was completely eliminated. The developer, LKA, explained that this change must have been because the conversation took place in a mental hospital, with which “the context was deemed inappropriate”, presumably by Sony.

Besides these changes, other notices have been added to the content of the game since its debut on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The option to play in censored mode has also been added in which the two scenes we mentioned before are completely eliminated . , as well as the other two which show an abortion and a suicide.

The publisher, Wired Productions, explained that “changes in content have taken place following conversations with PlayStation in the face of launch. Manufacturing the physical edition, PlayStation has been supporting us to help minimize this delay.”

“PlayStation players can continue to experience the story we wanted to tell,” he added of LKA. “This is a broad and complex topic, and the changes that have taken place will not distort the judicial experience.”

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