Destiny 2: basic concepts (user interface)

This is a small guide that goes through the basic concepts of destination. This guide assumes that you are familiar with fps shooters for pc, and will not go into details.

First person screen

RADAR: In the top corner of your screen you will see the radar, it will show you the general directions of the enemies when they are close to you. Remember that this does not show the place where it is, only its address.

BUFFS: Go away from the radar on the left side of the screen, you will see the buffs you have. When you have an advantage (a positive effect) or an advertising advantage (a negative effect), it appears here.

Abilities and weapons

SKILLS: in the lower corner of the screen you will see your skills and weapons. You have 4 abilities in total: grenade, body to body, class and super.

When a symbol is completely colored, it means that its ability is indicated for use. If not, that means it’s still loading.

If your superbar is yellow, it means your super is ready for use.

Each class has its own class ability (witches have a grenade, titans have a barricade, hunters have a laugh).

WEAPONS: to the right of your skills you can also see the collection of weapons and ammunition here.

Note: as you can see in the image above, my skills are not colored, which means you can not use them at the moment and need to recharge.

WORLD INFORMATION: Also in the picture you can see the text on the left side of the screen just above the super bar. It is their global notifications, they are the informants of things happening in the world and are in its immediate aftermath.

NAVIGATION MODE: press (press the PC) to enter the navigation mode, save your weapon and shoot your ghost. This is useful when you are looking for a secret or need a light, just to catch your ghost. It will also show you the following things.

MISSION TAKEN: if you follow a mission in the mission field, it will appear here. (search page will be displayed later)

POINTS OF INTEREST: In the world you can have several points of interest such as: mission goals, people, public events or patrols. If someone is looking for something and can not find the route, try to see if you can find it when in navigation mode.

LOCATION NAME: shows the name of the place where it is now located.

OPTIONS: Has the following options in navigation mode.

  1. To summon your vehicle: Summon a frog with someone who can cross the world. (not possible in all areas or in all activities)
  2. Return to the vineyard: you will return to the vineyard
  3. Open Instructor Screen: Open the Instructor screen from where you can start or select your next activity or location.

Hold down the table to go to the instructor’s screen.

Director / destinations

If the destination is started and a character is selected. You start working and you will be able to choose a director. Whether you are on a mission or in the open world. Press tab to go to navigation mode and press tab again to go to director.

OPTIONS: Show the different menus that can be accessed, you will see this bar in each menu.

THE WORLDS: These are the different worlds you can visit, click on them to see the map of that world. Here you can see all the public events that take place, the missions available or the activities that take place on that planet (flights and broadcasts).

VANGUARDIA: See the vanguardia menu, from here you can choose to play vanguardia matches, or the weekly program.

  • HUELGAS DE VANGUARDIA: you will play random bats from all over the world, end the attack to receive a button.
  • NIGHTFALL THE ORDEAL: you want to play this week’s strike, this strike can be played on higher difficulty levels to receive a better button, but there will be masters and modifiers.
  • GRAND MASTER NIGHTFALL: you play this week’s strike, but this time the difficulty is higher.

GAMBITO: See the gambito menu, from here you can choose to play gambito in the packaging or in a private game with friends.

DIGEL: From the crisol menu you can select several game modes from player to player, or in a private game with friends.

THE TORRE: The destination’s social center, here you will find your boss, mail administrator and more.

Click on a planet (in this case Nessus) to see the local map of that world.

Local map

When you are on a planet, press M (on the PC), or when you are on a planet and click on a planet, you will see the following screen.

OPTIONS: Show the different menus that can be accessed, you will see this bar in each menu.

PLAYER MARKER: Shows your position on the map if you are already in that world.

PUBLIC EVENTS: These are open world events that you can attend with multiple players and complete the goal of receiving a button. To set a step point in this location, click on it, it will get a step point in this activity.

SELLER: Each planet has one or more vendors, these vendors can provide rewards and missions to complete on this planet.

APARTMENT POINT: you can select this point to generate at that place in the world.

LOST SECTOR: These are hidden places you will find it full of enemies, a boss and a coffin eventually. Click on the boss and you can open the box to receive the button.

REGIONAL RIGHT: this is an occult box that every world has a pair of these, go to the place and intend to find it to get a button.

LOCAL STRIKE: A strike is a repeatable mission. Each strike unfolds in one of the worlds. To play a particular strike, go to the world where that strike is playing and search for the strike on the map to select it.

In the options bar at the top, you will see the option ‘search’, click on it.


OPTIONS: Show the different menus that can be accessed, you will see this bar in each menu.

MISSION: Here you will see all the active missions you have selected. To see more details about a mission, hover over it to see more information and options related to the mission. Press the right button to see more details about the mission. If you click the button on the left of a mission, you can follow it and its progress will be displayed in navigation mode.

FILTER: Here you can filter the view of your various searches. Pulse on a filter to apply it.

REWARDS: Almost all of the vendors you meet will sell rewards. These are small tasks that you can pick up and perform to gain experience with more. All rewards you receive are displayed here.

Hold the mouse over them to see what needs to be done to complete the reward. If you press the left button on the rat on a reward, it can be reset and its progress will be displayed in hub mode. Once a reward is made, there will be lines and an exclamation point in the lower right corner, move the cursor over it and click the left button to enter the reward and get the reward.

In the options bar at the top, you will see the “List” option, click on it.


OPTIONS: Show the different menus that can be accessed, you will see this bar in each menu.

GAMES: Shows you the list of all the players in your local game. Now it is empty, but it should be loaded in an open world or in a social area. All players in your area are shown here. You can move the cursor over a player and click with the mouse to get more options. For example, inspect the players ‘personalities or send a friend request or invitation, or join the players’ fire team (if their fire team is open, if a fire team is open, you will see the icon inside the blue square).

FRIENDS: Same function as the previous one, only shows all your available friends.

CLAN: Same function as the previous one, only shows all members of your clan available.

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