Deep Rock Galactic Duplicates Its User Count After PS Plus Launch

Co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic has reached over tens of millions of players since its arrival on PlayStation Plus for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

This means that in just ten days, after launching on January 4, it has duplicated the user base it had since May 2020, when it was released on Xbox One and PC.

Soren Lundgaard, the general manager of Ghost Ship Games, explained that the studio is benefiting from the success of his game.

“The servers are full of new players, and many have been in direct contact with us to tell us how much they love the game,” he said. “We get a lot of suggestions, feedback, and ways to fix bugs and issues.”

“Deep Rock Galactic has always developed directly with the community. We’re a small team, doing a huge launch on consoles, so it’s great to see the community working with us every step of the way, and we look forward to let them know what we’re going to give them in the second season this spring.”

Deep Rock Galactic is the latest example of a video game that enjoyed a second adolescence or huge burst of success after launching on Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. Other known more similar cases are Rocket League or Fall Guys. The latter will of course still not be available on other consoles.

And meanwhile, big changes are being rumored for PlayStation Plus. Rumors are swirling about a merger with PlayStation Now and three separate parts, with different content, and that same week it was reported that UK stores were withdrawing PlayStation Now prepaid cards, as a step towards these changes.


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