Deep Mazmorras Will Return in FFXIV

Deep mazmorras will return in Final Fantasy XIV.

Square Enix MMORPG Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida confirmed this during the FFXIV Fan Festival held in Korea this weekend, explaining that “many people around the world want deeper mazmorros.”

While it’s unclear what content will be available or when it will be available, it’s certain that these roguelike-style adventures will be introduced in the 6.0 park series, which will start arriving in a month or two.

Final Fantasy XIV is the most profitable game in the history of France. Late last year, coinciding with the release of the Endwalker expansion, it emerged that the MMORPG already had over twenty-four million players.

The game was originally released a year ago, although in its initial version it received a number of reviews, both from the specialized press and from the general public. The developers took to the design shed to completely revamp it with A Realm Reborn, and in 2015 the fruit of that labor was rewarded with over four million registered users. In 2017, with the release of the third expansion (Stormblood), that number grew to ten million, and has been growing ever since.


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