“Death Stranding” will be distributed on PC Game Pass! !

Death Stranding Rumors Coming to PC Game Pass

Death Stranding PC Game Pass Images related to Hideo Kojima-02

The official Twitter account for PC Game Pass has recently changed its profile picture.It is very similar to the Icelandic landscape that appears in “Death Stranding”, and there is speculation that the same work will appear in this service.

Note that this was posted by the PC Game Pass account, not the Xbox Game Pass.

Since “Death Stranding” has been released on PS5 / PS4 / PC (not yet released on Xbox), it is not surprising that it will be distributed with Game Pass for PC.

PC Game Pass Official Account

profile image

Read full text below

There was such a rumor, but now it has been officially announced

Official announcement from official

thank you thank you

Please bring it to Xbox too.

Since it’s released on Steam, does that mean it’s easier to release it on PC’s game pass? I wonder if the current situation is tough on consoles?

Oh, were the rumors true?
Following Steam, it will be released on PC.

It’s coming to XboxGamePassPC
You can dream of being added to XboxGamePass, right?

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