Deadswitch 3 – Battle Zone Guide

Learn to find fragments and XP successfully in Battlezone.

Battle Zone Guide

Basic concepts in the combat zone

Battlezone is an exclusive multiplayer game mode that allows players to search in large amounts of fragments and XP.

A Battlezone access path is required to play Battlezone matches. Access card takes 1 pc to activate and shuts down after 1 hour.

You must have at least level 10 in the classification to access Battlezone.

Each player has a limited number of repetitions. If you’re already there, you can use Fragments to add more.


Random air release boxes will be sent to its location every 30 seconds. It is important to secure these boxes as they are the only source of weapons, benefits, killstreaks and other bots.

Possible launches from the air

  • Arm box
  • Benefit fund
  • Death cell box
  • Recover box
  • XP box
  • Box with fragments

Players release all the buttons they come with when they die. Other players can claim this button for themselves.


The mercenaries will be launched from the air on the map every 60 seconds by a heavily armored Osprey helicopter. Each team of mercenaries consists of random units, usually 3 to 5 at a time, with an additional SAM tower or one centimeter. It will target all enemy players, including zombies. Claymores are often placed around the map.

Mercenaries are very skilled and extremely dangerous, and it is advisable to avoid a direct confrontation, especially if they are numerous.

The mercenaries will explore the map and pick up the buttons they can find; including boxes, weapons and bottle packs.

Hit enemy air

The mercenaries will ask for enemy air support every 3 minutes, from Dragonfire drones, Cobras, Chopper Gunners, Heli Snipers and / or Pave Lows.

Staying underground or covering is crucial when the enemy’s air support is present. Destroying enemy air support should be your priority so you can actively prevent aliens from looking for free air.


In the last minute of the game, 2 Juggernaut mercenaries will be sent to your location. Each air launch contains 2 extremely hostile Juggernaut units (4 in total). It is possible to destroy these air missiles before both Juggernauts are unloaded.


Along with the mercenaries, enemy zombies will appear on the map every 30 seconds. In general, only body-to-body weapons are less dangerous, but can be a danger if left unchecked.

The zombies will target all enemy players, including mercenaries. Does not recognize buttons.

Players’ parties

You can participate in Battlezone games as an individual player or in a group of players. The players in a group will be on the same team, avoid any possible friend fire and increase the chances of supervision.

It is strongly recommended to form a team to succeed in the battles of the Battlezones so that all the players in the winning player group receive their button.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to kill your aliens to get your button.

Make a party

Once in Multijugador, simply select Create Group to create a new group. You can invite players to the player list or send them the group identification directly.

Come to the party

When in multiplayer mode, simply select Join group and enter the group ID you want to join.

Adapted combat zone class

As with other rated games, you can customize your Battlezone class in the Edit Classes menu.

  • Main weapon (pistol or ammunition pistol)
  • Secondary weapon (body to body)
  • The player’s advantage
  • Hold (Granada)

This applies to your cargo when you return. It is highly recommended to reuse these weapons. Find broken weapons or weapon boxes to do so.

To play in a group, each member must have a designated role.

Scroll: Shooting game

  • Recommended weapons: combat rifle or slingshot
  • Player advantage: Juggernaut

The use of the Juggernaut advantage allows the player to be healthier, which can be the difference between life and death when dealing with aggressive mercenaries. The shooter must focus on eliminating targets at longer distances, avoiding enemies from attacking players in enclosed areas, such as buildings.

Role: Antiaéreo

  • Recommended weapons: LMG or launcher
  • Player Advantage: Cold blood

The use of the advantage of cold blood prevents the player from donating from the enemy helicopters and hundreds. This gives them access to areas that would otherwise be impossible because of these enemies. This player must concentrate on destroying helicopters and enemy towers safely.

Role: Aturdidor

  • Recommended weapons: SMG or pick
  • Player advantage: carrot
  • Team: Flashbang or Flashbang

The use of the Scavenger advantage allows the player to return ammunition and equipment from killed enemies. Due to the battles in the course between players, mercenaries and zombies, it is likely that there are many packs of cartoons because of it. This ensures that the player always has equipment and grenades / flashbangs are very useful for mobilizing groups of enemies, especially Juggernauts.

Role: observer

  • Recommended weapons: SMG or combat rifle
  • Player Advantage: Situational Information

The use of the Sitrep advantage allows the player to discover enemy equipment such as Claymores and grenades. The mercenaries will plant a number of Claymores around the map if left unchecked, mostly tucked away in sandbags. These Claymores are a direct danger and will easily kill players with complete health. The observer must break these axes to protect the aliens. In addition, Sitrep gives the player resistance to enemy bombing, flashbangs and being bombarded by subdued explosive zombies.

Role: Veloz

  • Recommended weapons: SMG or body to body
  • Player advantage: Ligero

The use of the Ligero advantage increases the player’s movement and speed during the race, making them extremely mobile. The main purpose of this role is for the most important part of Battlezone: the last 60 seconds when the Juggernauts are sent. When playing in a group, all members of the group will receive their buttons if a player in the group is the winner. The Speedy player can easily overpower the Juggernauts and avoid killing them all and possibly win the game for the whole group.


Having a strategic party is fundamental.

Players should focus on killing mercenaries and avoid robbing any buttons. Avoid enemy air support escaping from buildings or staying underground.

Just aim at enemy zombies if they are an immediate threat to you so you can at least kill or distract more mercenaries.

Establish a defensive position on the map that allows you to cover all angles while blocking approaching enemies. Remember to keep the doors closed whenever possible. When the area is empty, reach the map and retrieve the available buttons.

Leading with giants

After 1 minute, 2 Juggernaut mercenaries air strikes will be sent. It is crucial that these air missiles are destroyed before they reach their target. This prevents both Juggernauts from getting confused.

The ideal way to destroy airborne launches is to use an EMP that has been previously sealed. If you find it, you can see the EMP for Juggernaut air launches.

Air strikes, small air strikes and napalm attacks are also effective.

If it is more dangerous, it may also pay to use a launcher or a grenade launcher. Ensure maintenance of the Osprey helicopter fitted barrel.

If you do not succeed in destroying juggernauts before confronting juggernauts, it is advisable to avoid them altogether. A single player will rarely be able to meet a Juggernaut, and much less than 3 or 4. Use grenades, grenades and napkins to move the Juggernaut and get the opportunity to escape. Keep Juggernauts at bay and chasing them is the key to survival.

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