Dead Space Remake changes plasma shutter and pulse rifle after fan comments

The new version of Dead Space from EA and Motive will change the way the plasma shutter and pulse gun sound, after fans’ comments reveal that they do not like the new wheels that these weapons are used for. The new sound effects will be shared in EA’s official Dead Space Twitter accountshows how they improved what fans did not like about the sound effects.

Considering how the effects of sound help to make the fight and the weapons “feel” good, this was a small but appreciated change that the developers made. On Reddit, Motive Community Administrator Caden House explained how they changed the sound effects while confirming that the stamping of the new version of Dead Space is still ongoing.

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Dead Space Remake changes the plasma trigger and the wristband

Fans are still fascinated by EA and the new version of Dead Space by Motive, which is mostly to be seen with the closure of Visceral Games. In the event that it did not succeed, EA forced Visceral Games to add cooperatives and microtransactions to Dead Space 3 and then closed the investigation after the shooter did not fulfill its sales projects.

The remake of Dead Space is currently scheduled for launch in 2023, probably for next-generation systems like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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